Offset Printing Technology – Some Pros and Cons

Offset Printing Technology

Without any doubt, technology has changed our lives completely. We are so much advanced as compared to the old times just due to the rapid progress in the field of technology.  From the arts to science, technology has revolutionized every department. The same is the case with the printing and packaging industry. Nowadays, offset printing technology has changed the complete industry of packaging and printing.

About 10 to 20 years ago, companies were using digital printing technology which has now been completely replaced by the offset technology. From small custom printed boxes to large corrugated boxes, it can be used everywhere very efficiently. For that reason, people of the United States love offset printing.

Definition & History:

It’s a kind of printing technology in which ink is first transferred to a blanket (usually a rubber blanket) and then on to a printing surface.

It was first seen in 1875 in the United Kingdom. In 1904, offset printing technology was used in the United States of America on a paper. From small businesses to large industries everyone is using it now. Its demand is increasing day by day due to long-lasting results.


  • Very economical in cost especially for large order quantities.
  • Amazing results as compared to the digital or screen printing
  • Fast and quick production of printing plates.
  • It has a variety of applications. From cardboard boxes to iron tins, this technology can be used everywhere.
  • Ideal for commercial or large scale industries.


  • It can be bit costly for small order quantities.
  • Editing can be very costly and time-consuming.
  • Creating the samples for the customers can cost you like a complete job.


So, we have shared an unbiased review of the offset printing technology. If you have low minimum order quantities to print e.g. less than 100 pieces than you can use the option of digital printing. While if the quantities are greater than 100 than you should go with the option of offset.

 A famous website based in Connecticut, USA has claimed that its customers have got 41% more conversion after shifting from screen printing to offset printing as its results are amazing.