One Trend to Look Out For n 2021: B2B Influencer Marketing

One Trend to Look Out For n 2021: B2B Influencer Marketing

There are several ways to attract new clients in 2021. The first thing to do is to improve your visibility in Google using search engine optimization. This involves optimizing all of your content on your website and also your meta data – title, description and keyword tags. It also requires authoritative, 3rd party websites to link to your site using various anchor texts. You can achieve this by investing time and resources in the content you produce and make sure it adds value to your customers.

You can also ask your business partners and channel to link to your website as well.

Another thing to consider is activating your employees to be brand storytellers. By giving them a unique voice and content, you can empower them to engage with influencers and create content that would drive demand for your business. it’s not just employees either. Activating executives to be influencers is another way of achieving brand relevance. Doing so will increase your credibility in the market place when these executives are delivering thought leadership around various topics that are important to your business

Lastly, B2B brands must invest in influencer marketing because it is critical to achieve brand relevance across the social media ecosystem. And there is no better way to do this than through third party, credible and impactful voices.

Here are three things to consider.

Do your research.

It’s important to spend time researching the top influencers in your space. This requires looking at what topics and trends that are driving the conversation across the news media as well as social media. As you are researching B2B influencers, you must ensure that they have a decent audience size, that they are relevant to your business, and when they create content it resonates with their audience.

Organic influencer marketing is table stakes.

Launching an organic influencer marketing program doesn’t cost a thing. Once you have identified your target influencers, all you have to do is listen to what they’re talking about online, engage with them by liking, commenting, or sharing their articles, and creating content based on what’s trending among the influencer group. While this doesn’t require large investments, you have to have a team to monitor the conversation using social listening software.

B2B brands are collaborating with creators to build programs that engage with larger audiences. This could be a collaboration of a white paper or ebook. It could be a video conversation between an influencer and an executive. Or, it could be a podcast that you launch with a group of influencers. In all of these instances, it does require beta B brands to make investments into B2B influencer marketing. Many technology companies and brands are going beyond launching influencer partnerships for just campaigns. They are collaborating with influencers on a monthly basis by putting them on the retainer and then using them as they see fit.

In 2021 and beyond, influencer marketing for B2B brands will continue to gain momentum in order to reach audiences that brands cannot engage with directly. This is one of many ways to stay ahead of the competition and be as relevant to an audience as possible.