Online Remittance Solutions – Are they Safe for Expatriates?

Online Remittance Solutions - Are they Safe for Expatriates?

Why is digital remittance taking the place of traditional money transfers? During the pandemic, transmitting money through the usual method visibly had several disadvantages. Roughly more than 2 billion people worldwide opt for digital methods to transfer funds. Low-to-middle income countries remain the top remittance recipients, where India ranked number 1 in 2021, receiving more than $87 billion in remittances during and after the pandemic. Over 32 million NRIs (non-resident Indians) live outside India, most of which are overseas workers who send money to India to support their financial needs back home.

People who departed some years ago are likely to have discovered and become accustomed to their chosen means of sending money back home to their loved ones. Traditionally, senders and their families would go to a bank or an exchange agency and wait in line to collect money sent by relatives overseas.

Unfortunately, with several nations experiencing lockdowns due to COVID-19, many currency organisations and banks have found it impossible to function under lockout limitations. Due to travel restrictions and curfews, many people could not leave their houses to transmit or receive money. Numerous consumers who used to send money through traditional channels have converted to alternate methods, such as online money transfers or digital remittances.

What is Online Money Transfer?

Online money transfer is the junction where the traditional notion of wire money meets the current technology of electronic funds transfer, or EFT. It is essentially an electronic method of moving funds from one bank account to another. Paper money is not exchanged; only data is.

Online money transfer is not the same as EFT; this is not a technique to pay your bills over the Internet. Online transfer of money is the modern-day version of wire transfer. You may send someone money instantly by sending money or the data representing that specific money sent from you to the beneficiary. Online money transfers can be done at a modest cost through a secure, Web-based service on any computer with an Internet connection. This usually requires little more than contact information, such as a cell phone number or an e-mail address, which are attached to a bank account for the sending and receiving parties. So there’s no need to visit a money transfer agency, telegraph station, or even a bank.

But is it Safe for Expatriates?

The primary arguments for using an online money transfer service are undeniable since online money transfer is quick, easy, and secure.

Online money transfer to India provides Indian diasporas with very immediate delivery of funds; data travels over the Internet in seconds, with no physical impediments, to virtually anywhere on the globe. Several protocols are in place to guarantee that your money reaches precisely where it needs to go because many levels of data encryption are employed. If the data is compromised or intercepted en route to the receiver, it will be coded numerous times, resulting in illogical, unreadable blabbering. To you, it might seem to be money on a screen, but when you click send on a secure money transfer website, it is sent out into the Internet as coded data, which is decoded and deposited as cash once received by the recipient’s bank or service.

Security for Online Transfers and Transactions

Significant online banking transactions, including online money transfer services, use Automated Clearing House (ACH), an independent entity that provides safe financial data transmission processes. The various providers provide other degrees of safety, such as confirmation phone calls to both parties who must verify private information, confirmation e-mails, and even insurance plans that guarantee your money will be paid. Your bank accounts will not be hacked.

So, it is safe to say that expatriates can trust online services for their frequent transfers.

Cost and Charges

Do not go with the motto “The bigger, the better” when it comes to sending your money. Some financial institutions offer their online services at a fixed rate. Still, most of them always try to give out their customers the best facilities by providing cheaper offers of transferring money overseas. The cost of banking systems is much worse. Online banking systems may cost you 20% more than the services of remittance service providers. Companies that operate individually from banks are much better, cheaper, faster and more reliable than bank transfers.

There are restrictions on how much or how little money may be transmitted and how much money can be sent in a certain period. For instance:

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