Oxotech is Concentrating on Robotics Through Intelligent Software Development

Oxotech is Concentrating on Robotics Through Intelligent Software Development

Social roles have undergone a serious change thanks to the development of industrial society. In the previous social model, it was more mainstream to own a small business or engage in agriculture or animal husbandry. However, thanks to the capitalist effect they too could not rival with mass production and started working in factories as well. Nowadays industrial production has been relabelled thanks to the technological developments and a new era has begun as The Industry 4.0, which also known as “The Digitalization”. Through these developments factories have mostly moved towards robotic automation and became able to control such mass-producing robots remotely from afar. Oxotech is a new initiative that started its work on industrial scale robots and it aims to integrate artificial intelligence to it. These widely used robots being integrated with AI brings many advantages with it. The company has seen the gap in the global industries and started investing towards AI technologies.

Industrial Robots need to be Controlled by AI from Now on

In the age we live in, whole world has become an open market and in order to get the work done in competitive conditions, the use of automation has inevitably increased to deliver fast, stable, safe and efficient results. Since the fast development of technology increased the processing power and data storage, it started to generate “value added results” to every portion of our lives by increasing the value of data. Developments in the AI technology and usage of easily accessible data hastened the processing in a lot of fields, decreased the error ratio and made possible to reach towards new solutions. According to Yaşam Ayavefe, owner of Oxotech: “Industrial robots are ought to be controlled by AI. Because of its industrial sustainability thanks to it being faster and having lower error margin than its contemporaries and thus creating better service and product quality”

Machine Learning is Yielding Predictable Results

Through a close relative of artificial intelligence technology, machine learning it is possible to predict future research. Data threshold being high also affects the learning quality and predictions regarding the future becoming more precise. For example, according to the experts, there were giant and deep-seated companies in automotive sector which until recently falsely believed that they would be forever dominating that sector. However, the company of Tesla, which can use automation and AI much more efficiently than the aforementioned companies soon outpaced others and announced its leadership in the sector. Thus, marking the importance of the usage of newer technologies.

Digital Transformation will be Necessary for Every Sector

Inter-communicating machines through Internet of Things technology will enable the production of demanded product at demanded levels. AI will become a cornerstone role in this interaction and reduce the use of manpower in tight spots where things may pose a danger. According to Yaşam Ayavefe: “Digital transformation will be necessary for every sector. In the sectors which are unsuitable for digital transformation they too will feel the necessity to transform as the time passes and technology keeps developing”. Oxotech is also intending to provide a smooth transition to its collaborators by creating medium- and long-term digital transformation maps to the companies.