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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cast

FILM REVIEW: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

What would happen if they made a Star Wars film that was more character driven than focusing on battles and lightsabers? Rian Johnson answers this question in Star Wars: The Last Jedi; the most thoughtful installment in the whole series. It’s easy to entertain an audience with explosions and pretty locations. It’s much harder to

Diversity Aboveground

The Doctor

Diversity Aboveground: White Male Allies Needed

White male allies have started to feel what minorities have felt all their lives. They aren’t the star of every film anymore. Sometimes, they’re basically just there to be the villain. It’s great for minorities to see themselves on the screen. Sometimes, it’s fun to read the complaints over Twitter about the new leads in

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RUMOR: Are These Some Of Ladies Lucasfilm Is Meeting For To Direct Future ‘Star Wars’ Films?

A report from The Los Angeles Times (via ThePlaylist) suggests that Lucasfilm is meeting with a bunch of female writers and directors for upcoming Star Wars projects. An agent that represents directors such as Suffragette‘s Sarah Gavron and Jessica Jones‘ S.J. Clarkson (Dexter, Life of On Mars, Orange is The New Black) has wrangled meetings for their clients,

2,500 Actors Have Auditioned for Young Han Solo

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that over 2,500 actors have auditioned for the role of Han Solo in the upcoming spinoff. This spin-off will see our favorite space cowboy as a young man and presumably how he met his wing-man Chewbacca. The film is set to be directed by the 21 Jump Street & The

Christopher McQuarrie Confirms Return For ‘Mission: Impossible 6’

There have been reports circling that writer-director Christopher McQuarrie would be returning to make Mission: Impossible 6. McQuarrie took to Twitter to confirm this, the assumption is that he’ll return in both capacities. He’s currently directing Tom Cruise again in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, and has been teasing ideas for a sequel to Edge of

Brenton Thwaites

Lionsgate, Proyas Admit Racist ‘Gods of Egypt’ Casting

The recent releases of the official trailer and posters for Gods of Egypt contained men with wings that could appear and disappear at will, magical objects and large mess-making monsters but what many found too unrealistic to believe was that ancient Egypt appeared to be populated solely by Caucasians. There had already been a petition