Patrick Van Negri’s Secret Weapon for Finding New Amazing Wines

Patrick Van Negri’s Secret Weapon for Finding New Amazing Wines

Who is Patrick Van Negri? Described as a renaissance man and one of the world’s top influencers and content creators. In addition to this, he finds time for dozens of other hobbies, passions, and pursuits.

One of these is wine. Many people note Patrick for his deep knowledge and passionate love of wine. Wherever he’s traveling, he is sure to have a bottle of something at hand. But here’s what people really want to know: where does he find the time and energy to source these quality wines. Not only that, where did this deep knowledge come from?

The answer, says Patrick Van Negri, is simple. Like most things in life, there’s an easy explanation, and in this case, the explanation is that he grew up in the finest wine region called Istria, where his grandpa and dad had a small house production from their backyard, and a little app called Vivino. For those who don’t know, Vivino is an online wine marketplace and wine app. This app was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by a group of people who knew very little about wine and wanted to rectify this situation. To do this, they built Vivino, and the rest is history.

This app has many features that wine drinkers will enjoy. The most popular feature is one that can identify pretty much almost any wine. All you have to do is scan the label and Vivino will search through its database and find the wine you are drinking. What it does next is extraordinary: it will then immediately list wines that are similar or which will compliment your bottle. Out of these wines, the app will then recommend which one is most likely to suit you, based on your past browsing history.

You can also learn more about the wine, see how people have rated it, where it was made, what it goes with, it’s qualities, etc. and also purchase to wine for delivery right to your doorstep! Plus, if your friends are using the app, you can also see what they are drinking. This is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys wine, but find themselves staring at the supermarket shelves, wondering what they should buy next.

All of these features are extremely useful, and Patrick Van Negri says it’s like having your sommelier right in your pocket. He’s always using the app to learn about new and exciting wines and describes it as his secret weapon for impressing his wine lover friends.

Vivino currently has a wine database comprised of more than 12 million different wines. Not only that, but it also has more than 35 million users who have scanned over a billion labels. These guys must clearly be doing something right to have this kind of support.

Patrick Van Negri swears by this app, and so should you! Wine is the ultimate compliment to the good life. Whether you’re traveling, out with friends, relaxing at home, or spending time in the company of beautiful women, there’s nothing better than a good bottle of wine.