Perodua Aruz: Is the Price Really Worth It

Perodua Aruz: Is the Price Really Worth It

Perodua, car manufacture in Malaysia, became the center of attraction when they decided to launch their new car Perodua Aruz. The car and the company made a huge ripple on the internet over the past year and as of 2019, the car and the company became the most searched in Malaysia for the year 2019. A year has passed since the launch of the Perodua Aruz and manufacturers have been delivering cars regularly since then. After all that news, internet, and media coverage, the primary question remains, is Perodua Aruz worth’s its price or it is a fail.

The Company

Buying a new car is not a deal that you make with the car and the buyer, when you buy a new car you inherit the responsibility of the company as well. If the company does not back you when needed, the value of the car itself also decreases. Saying that let’s look at Perodua and its history.

Perodua as an official company was established in 1993 and the company has been working with Daihatsu motor company of japan to provide new cars and its accessories to the people of Malaysia. The company has gained a good reputation with the people of Malaysia and as of 2018, the company has sold more than 3.2 million units of cars in the country.

If we consider the history of the company we can see that the company is not mature enough, if we compare it to other major companies, but the main thing is that the company has sold a lot of units over its limited presence making it a company that can be trusted.

The company has been trusted now comes the most important part of this article. Does the car perform as well as it claims on their infographics? To know that we have to look into the car itself.

Perodua Aruz

Perodua Aruz was launched on 15th January 2019 and the company started to deliver the cars only a few months after. The company has been working closely with Daihatsu motor company of japan for the past 23 years and this is not their first time launching an SUV in the market. Before the Perodua Aruz, the company has also launched kembara in 1998 and the Nautica in 2008, the company has a lot of experience in delivering their products onto the market which makes this car an ideal buy for those who are looking for comfort and practicality with this car. 

The other major reason the company has taken off is that the company is being backed by a giant car manufacturer that has perfected the art of making and selling a car. Let’s talk about the specifics of the car.

Transmission and Engine

The transmission of the car is a 4-speed automatic transmission that is mated to four cylinders, dual overhead cam with variable value timings control. The engine and transmission are a great combination that has been used in multiple other cars and the millage is quite good because it is a 1496cc engine. The average fuel as stated by the company is around 15-18 km/l and with a tank of 45 liters, you can easily travel around 700 km with one fuel tank. I found a guide to the car on wapcar, it has more details and descriptions on the car itself and maybe you will be able to find your variable there quite easily.

Chassis and Dimensions

The main thing that you need to know about the dimensions of the car’s wheelbase is equal to about 2600mm which provides the turning radius of 5.2 meters which is quite less as compared to many other smaller cars. The ground clearance of the car is also around 220 mm, which is also quite important because it is a SUV and they are made to go on the road and off-road as well.

Interior, Exterior and Features

If we compare it to the bundles that you can get basic and advanced. There are a lot of features that are going to be useful for the person that is going to buy this car. The car has a lot of features and safety services that are not commonly used found in bigger brands. Features such as smart entry and push start/stop button, abs with ebd and ba and many others.

Final Verdict

If you are considering buying the car then you probably will be a happy man considering the number of features, advantages, which you can get with this car, which makes it a really good investment. These days the price of the new Perodua Aruz is around 80.000 and each month new and new people are buying this car and enjoying their life.