Premium Choice CEO Tim Nardoni Discusses What Sets the Company Apart

Premium Choice CEO Tim Nardoni Discusses What Sets the Company Apart
The New CEO of Premium Choice recently discussed what sets the company apart.

Tim Nardoni started with Premium Choice with the goal of creating an easy solution for individuals and families to find life and Medicare insurance. The focus is on helping seniors live with the confidence they’re covered, no matter what life throws at them.

The company recently discussed outstanding features that set it apart.

Going Above and Beyond

Premium Choice goes far beyond helping its customers find the best Medicare and life insurance plans. The knowledgeable team helps clients find the best doctors for their needs so that they can get more out of their coverage.

Partnerships With the Country’s Top Companies

Premium Choice partners with companies Americans know and trust. These partnerships mean customers receive access to more doctors, more hospitals, and more treatment programs.

Focus on Family

Premium Choice focuses on more than the individual. The expert team is dedicated to helping entire families, including future generations.

Accessible plans and affordable premiums allow individuals to remove family members’ burden of memorial and funeral costs. Tim Nardoni explains that this often means less stress during the senior years with more freedom to focus on loved ones and make memories.

Permanent Life Insurance Policies

A permanent policy means peace of mind. Premium Choice provides guaranteed coverage that never decreases unless the customer chooses to borrow against their policy. That means the preparations a person makes with their life insurance policy will always be theirs. Additionally, heirs receive a payout no matter what.

Premium Choice does not require a medical exam and offers tax-protected benefits. The Final Expense payouts are not taxable, so your loved ones know what they have to work with.

Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans

Premium Choice sets themselves apart from others for unrivaled Medicare supplements that include zero network restrictions, protection from outside costs, and guaranteed policy renewals. The goal is to make healthcare as affordable as possible, so families can spend their money doing the things they love.

Why Choose Premium Choice?

Tim Nardoni mentions that Premium Choice understands families because it’s run by real people — not a giant corporation. Each member of the team is dedicated to helping individuals and families find the best Medicare and life insurance plans to fit their specific needs. The goal is to provide peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones, so they can focus on making memories and enjoying life.