Prize Blast: What are players saying?

Prize Blast: What are players saying?

Prize Blast arrived on smartphones and tablets in December 2020. Its success was immediate. So far the App has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times in 184 countries.

It is a game that immerses you in a world of pirates. It is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Reading the reviews on the download platforms tells you more about the players and their experiences.

Prize Blast reviews in numbers:

On the Google Play Store:

– Average of 4.5/5

– 5,573 ratings and 1,135 player reviews

On the Apple App Store:

– Average of 4.6/5

– 4,970 ratings and 1,026 player comments.

Can you Win Prizes with Prize Blast?

What makes Prize Blast different from other puzzle games is the chance to win real prizes.

These are high-end prizes that players can choose in the game’s prize cave. As well as the fun, players love the prospect of winning.

More than a hundred reviews are available on the app stores.

These provide useful testimonials that can tell us more.

Reading Ernalyn Garcia’s review, we learn that she has already won two gifts: a smart watch and a Google smart speaker.

She is on her way to her third win, the Nintendo Switch.

The rewards that the game offers are very attractive, such as:

  • The XBox X series
  • The PS5
  • An electric scooter
  • The Iphone 13 Pro
  • Several tablets
  • 40″ and 65″ 4K televisions
  • A high-end drone
  • Etc.

User Shelly Harrison tells us that she has also won several prizes:

– Smart speaker

– Bluetooth speaker

– Apple watch

In Prize Blast, players select the gift they want to win in the gift cave. This is located on the treasure island, which is the last island visited.

Prize Blast takes the player on a treasure hunt. An adventure from island to island in order to access the gift cave and choose a reward.

This island becomes accessible after having explored the previous ones, and having met pirates, castaways and other peculiar characters. 

Your piggy bank is what unlocks the gifts of your choice. It’s quite easy to fill your piggy bank – just collect the pigs during the Cash Mode games.

Kathy Mulkey is yet another Prize Blast multi-winner, with a Nintendo Switch and an Amazon Echo on her list of achievements.

From the many testimonials, it’s clear that Prize Blast is a big winner. There are hundreds of reviews in which players talk about their winnings.

What do Prize Blast players like about it?

Here’s what we can learn from the many reviews:

Debbie Fontenot testifies about the addictive nature of Prize Blast. She is completely won over by Prize Blast.

User Katrina Wenzlaff, who plays several times a day, is addicted to Prize Blast. She is happy to give it five stars.

Teliah Slater’s review is interesting – she tells us it’s easy to play, whatever the circumstances and the time available. Her comment shows that she really likes Prize Blast.

It is true that Prize Blast is a game that adapts to any player. a few minutes a day are enough to make progress in the game and quickly open the gift cave.

This is one of the strengths of the app, which meets the expectations and needs of its players.

What do players think of Prize Blast’s customer service?

It’s interesting to know what players think about the quality of customer service.

This is often overlooked in the world of gaming apps, but here comes a nice surprise:

Sharon Albert has been helped several times by customer service. Her experience has been very positive. She finds the support to be far superior to other games.

She feels Prize Blast is a game that delivers on its promise, and she recommends it.

Here is a review from Waheed Ullah, who enjoys playing Prize Blast. He is delighted with the support from the game team. They were available when he needed them and that gave another dimension to his experience.

Victoria is also very enthusiastic about the fun and relaxation the game provides.

She ends by saying that she loves the Prize Blast team. Another aspect of the experience that is often highlighted in the comments. So many reviews confirm the quality of the customer service.

What is the role of Facebook in Prize Blast?

Prize Blast benefits from a large community of players who meet on Facebook.

Kim Round says playing with Facebook friends is fun. It’s an opportunity to exchange jigsaw pieces. These puzzles are bonuses that allow you to win:

– Dollars: to unlock your gift

– GEMS: to get extra moves

– Bottles of rum: to earn your rewards.

Shared moments that help you progress in the game.

The player Hichem Maaouri also gives very positive feedback on the customer service.

He explains that he likes the graphics of Prize Blast.

Joining a group of friendly players is a real pleasure.

It’s an opportunity to talk directly with the winners of the game.

They share their experiences and give each other advice.

A state of mind that creates a great atmosphere.

Charlene Lee chimes in to confirm these claims.

She highlights the beautiful graphics, and the game team is again cited for its quality!

She also says that the players she meets are kind and caring. Fans are part of her successful experience in the game.

What else do people like about Prize Blast?

For Julie Fox it is a colorful, fun game with a great story.

She also likes the clever mix of different aspects in the game.

Micha Carolino also praises the graphics and recommends this simple and fun game. What enthusiasm!

User “C Vizen” cheerfully gives interesting details about what she likes about the game. She loves attacking her friends and enemies with the cannons. These attacks are very entertaining and always good-humored.

She also explains the use of jigsaw pieces to collect rum bottles, dollars, and GEMS. 

Why choose Prize Blast?

The reviews from Alleisha Shaddick and Sue Rutter show that Prize Blast players are loyal to the publisher. This confirms the quality of their apps. It also proves that gifts are really won because people keep coming back.

The user Anthony Momdjian also talks about the quality of the game. He likes the fun of Prize Blast. He likes the choice of gifts available as well as the attentiveness of the customer service team.

Another testimonial confirming that Prize Blast is a game that players love, and that the game is serious and legitimate.

What do Player Reviews tell us about Prize Blast?

There are many testimonials about Prize Blast:

  • User reviews overwhelmingly indicate that Prize Blast is a legitimate game in which you can win real prizes.
  • People are having a great time and are impressed with the graphics and overall quality of the game.
  • The treasure hunt is an adventure that appeals to gamers, and the prize winnings are the biggest draw of this smartphone entertainment.
  • The ease of winning compared to other games is another point that can be found in several comments.

We can see that many players remain loyal to this publisher, sometimes even for more than ten years!

This is a sign of quality and trust.