Product Review – Stellar Repair for Excel

Product Review - Stellar Repair for Excel

Microsoft Office Suite is undoubtedly one of the most popular software suites in the world today. In particular, Excel is the most popular tool of this suite, and it is estimated that more than 750 million people the world over use it regularly. In fact, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has said that Excel is his company’s most important consumer product.

Given the popularity of this tool, any crashes can be expensive as it can lead to a complete data loss. Though there are many built-in utilities and workarounds, they are not foolproof as they may not work in all situations.

That’s why you need a reliable tool like Stellar Repair for Excel to extract all the data safely from corrupted Excel files, so the financial implications of the same are little to none.

What is Stellar Repair for Excel?

Stellar Repair for Excel is a comprehensive tool and one of the best choices available today for repairing corrupt or damaged Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) files. The Excel Repair Software coming from the renowned leader in the world of software repair, Stellar Info, this tool is thorough and has a ton of convenient features to restore all the data from a corrupt file to a new Excel file.

Key features

Some of the key features of this tool are:

  • Recovers all the elements such as pivot tables, charts, chart sheets, and more from a corrupted Excel file
  • Preserves the spreadsheet properties
  • Maintains cell formatting in the new document
  • Repairs multiple files in a single process
  • Recovers all objects, regardless of the size of the Excel file
  • Resolves all corruption errors
  • Gives users a preview of the repaired file
  • Allows you to search through the Excel file to find what you want
  • Simple to use and requires no complicated configurations
  • Clean and intuitive interface that is ideal for both novices and experienced professionals
  • It is also a part of the Stellar Toolkit for File Repair that consists of four tools to repair all types of corrupted documents and files.

So, what do these features mean for users?

Let’s take a look at some practical scenarios where this tool can come in handy.

Use Cases

Stellar Repair for Excel handles a whole lot of practical scenarios for Excel files. Here are a few.

Invalid Extensions

Sometimes, you’ll get an “Excel cannot open the file” error. Though this message may sound cryptic, what Excel is trying to tell you is that the file that you want to open is corrupted or has an invalid file format.

When you can’t open a file, the eventual consequence is that you’ll lose the data in it, and this may end up being an expensive failure, depending on what’s contained in the corrupted file.

This is where Stellar Repair for Excel can come in handy as it can safely recover the contents from these files and transfer them to a new Excel file, so you or your employees can continue working on the data.

Unreadable Content

Another common error you may encounter is “Excel found unreadable content.” Now, it might be a bit baffling when you get this message and your first thought is to panic, especially if the contents of the file are important and confidential.

Excel may even give you the option to recover the contents, but the final recovery may not contain the right formatting or formulae, and there could be inconsistencies and gaps in the final recovered data. Overall, what this means is, you must be ready to lose some part of the data or formatting or be ready to type in the lost content again.

Since both the options are painstakingly slow and effort-prone, a better option is the Stellar Repair for Excel tool that will automatically recover the content along with formatting. In fact, the makers of this tool believe that there will be no data loss whatsoever, and this claim has also been backed by thousands of users who have left a positive review online.

Though there are many use cases, the above two broadly cover the likely problems in Excel and how the data present in it can be recovered with this tool.

So, what do these mean to users like you?

Benefits for Users

Beyond the obvious benefit of safe data recovery from corrupted Excel files, here are some more things that this tool can do for you.

  • It saves time and effort as you no longer have to spend hours fixing the formatting or typing the unrecovered data.
  • It takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders.
  • You can make the most of Excel without worrying about crashes. So, feel free to experiment with macros and formulae in your datasheets.
  • Avoid the financial implications that come with data corruption and resultant losses.
  • No prior technical knowledge is required to use this tool.

How to use it?

Let’s now see how you can use Stellar Repair for Excel to extract data from corrupted Excel files.

  • Double-click and open the tool.
  • Browse and select the Excel file from which data has to be extracted
  • The software starts the repair process automatically
  • A preview pane will open up where you can check what content needs to be extracted

That’s it! Stellar Repair extracts the chosen content and puts them into a new Excel file for you.

In all, the Stellar Repair for Excel is a top-notch solution available in the market today for repairing corrupted Excel files and safely extracting the data from them.

This tool must definitely be a part of your arsenal, especially if Microsoft Excel is one of the staples of your work.