PUBG Mobile Playing Guide For Beginner

PUBG Mobile Playing Guide For Beginner

Just downloaded the PUBG Mobile game on your cellphone and still confused about how to play it properly and correctly?

Calm down, as a newbie, you have to pay attention and understand what to do in this game.

Don’t think about winning, aka chicken dinner, understand the flow of playing PUBG Mobile so you don’t get confused when you enter the battlefield.

If you understand, you may get chicken dinner by yourself, depending on how you play.

Well, GridGames wants to give you a guide to playing PUBG Mobile for beginners, aka newbies, here’s an explanation.

1. Landing Place

When you enter the game, of course you are on a plane that takes you to an island and you must land there. But, you can’t land anywhere, because every place has risks.

You need to find a safe place to landing so you not die in vain. For example, if you land in a place with lots of players and you haven’t had time to boot, it is certain that you will be the target of other players.

It’s better for you to land in a small town to get a small amount of loot but far from the battle zone so that it is safer and survives longer.

2. Loot

After successfully landing, you really must loot the equipment around you need, usually a lot of equipment such as weapons, helmets, bags and others that are in the houses.

Make sure if you want to do looting in the house, you close the door first so that no opponents enter.

If the door is open it will lure the opponent into the house and he will know your whereabouts, and vice versa.

When looting weapons, you have to know the types such as sniper rifle, DMR, assault rifle, SMG, shotgun, pistol and melee.

In addition, there is armor whose level can indicate its ability to reduce the damage you will receive, namely level 1 reduces damage by 30%, level 2 by 40% and level 3 by 55%.

You will also find healing and boost items when looting. Healing items are useful for healing your HP, and boost items will give you additional status.

3. Watch the Mini Map and Use Earphones

In addition to showing your location, the mini map also displays enemy locations, enemy fire directions, and vehicles close to where you are.

The mini map is in the top corner, where you can see the surroundings, don’t forget to use earphones to find out the sounds of the opponent’s footprints.

Be ready always looking your mini map and also try to listen the sounds within around you, so then you know when to hide or to run and attack timing.If you need some information about another games visit and you can feel a different sensation.

4. Safe Zone

An area marked by a white circle on the map in PUBG Mobile is a Safe Zone aka a safe zone that will shrink over time.

You must always be in the Safe Zone, otherwise you will be hit by tick damage generated by the EMP aka blue circle.

If the safe zone is getting smaller, the more damage you will receive while you are still outside the zone, you might die there.