Ray Ramirez Sheds Light On How He Pivoted His Business Strategy To Grow Amidst The Pandemic

Ray Ramirez Sheds Light On How He Pivoted His Business Strategy To Grow Amidst The Pandemic

How Ray Ramirez Harnessed The Power Of Social Media During The Pandemic To Grow His Business

Social Media Is An Empowering Business Tool At All Times – Ray Ramirez

The recent pandemic dealt a heavy blow to many businesses. Small, mid, or large, all sizes and almost all types of businesses were affected in one way or another. It was a calamity most were not prepared to handle. But some adapted to the situation and ideated ways to thrive amidst the global pandemic. Among them was entrepreneur Ray Ramirez, who now sheds light on how he pivoted his business strategy to grow during the worldwide lockdown.

One of the things that kept businesses afloat during the pandemic was social media. The ones who could leverage their existing social presence or adapt quickly were able to keep their businesses going. Ray Ramirez harnessed the power of social media for his business to reap good results. He says, “I have believed in the power of social media for business for a long time. And during the pandemic, I knew this was the tool to harness, especially when you’re in a business where networks make all the difference. In the real estate flipping business, where most of the work is offline, as in on the rehabilitation site, it helped me to have rehabilitated structures ready for sale. However, since the movement was limited, I decided to bring the home to my clients via video calls. Through platforms like Zoom, I shared images and videos of homes with my clients. This one-on-one meeting style, which could be attended from the comfort of their homes, allowed them to be at ease and feel more comfortable asking all their questions and finding satisfactory answers. The virtual format worked so well during the pandemic that my main focus is to invest in developing new systems and safety protocols to continue selling through virtual tours on Zoom and social media platforms.”

The pandemic indeed put businesses in new gear. Many were pushed back to the drawing board when it came to how they made their products available in the market while adhering to protocols. Although the pandemic has left a lot of pain in its wake, it has also pushed businesses into a new phase, one which has the potential to be more transparent and unstoppable.