Refreshing Painting Ideas to Prepare Your Bedroom for Spring

Refreshing Painting Ideas to Prepare Your Bedroom for Spring

We are fast approaching a season of blossom putting the dark, cold days behind! Change of season also calls for change in décor and painting. This is the best time to prepare your house to welcome the gorgeous season of spring! We associate the spring season with brighter days, fresh and tender green leaves, and colorful bloom all over.

You need not paint the entire house, we suggest that you first do a round of check and see which all area needs to touch up, and which needs complete renovation. You can contact a local professional or search online to get an idea of the Painting Cost Per Square Foot so that you can set your budget accordingly.

We often associate only red, yellow, and orange as spring colors, however, the spring color palette has an array of colors to offer from sensational to calm tones, it has something to offer for everyone! Below are some refreshing Wall Painting Designs For Bedroom that you can try this spring!

1. Colors of Corals

You can swear by the range of colors that the coral-inspired palette has to offer. From the soft hues of pink to a zingy orange, you are sure to find a shade of your desire. The colors of corals are trending and many homeowners are finding inspiration from this palette. You can accentuate a single wall of your bedroom with a bright coral shade and let the remaining walls be in egg white color. See, how simple and budget-friendly it is to make a statement wall?

2. Soothing Green

Green is a versatile color. Different shades of green like lime, forest, khaki, celadon, and emerald are ideal for your bedroom this spring. These shades are tranquil and you feel cradled in the lap of nature. You can throw in some bright yellow or brown pillows on your master bed to complement the green.

3. Shades of Purple

Purple is a color of power and ambition. It spreads positivity and can have a revitalizing impact on your mood. From intense purple to soft lilac, the range will leave you mesmerized. If you are unsure of going all bold then lavender will be your safest bet. Matching these purple walls with a white rug or white curtains exudes a cool style.

4. Warm Ultramarine

For decades blue has been the most loved color for bedroom walls. However, it is time to break the monotony of painting your walls with light blue or dark navy blue, rather give your walls a strong look with ultramarine blue. Also known as cobalt blue, this shade of blue is warm and has an undertone of red. The buttery yellow is the perfect subtle companion of this blue, and If you are open to experiment, then match it with mauve for a striking look.

DIY painting your bedroom seems like a fun idea and economical, and we know you can’t wait to get your hands on those rollers. But wait, think twice! Painting your room may seem a simple task, but trust us it requires knowledge, tools, and expertise. The selection of the wrong paint type or shade can make you spend even more for having that redone. Leave this work to the experts. Their inputs are highly valuable and they have all the raw material and tools to complete your task with perfection. Ensure a successful painting job by employing the local house painting services.