Ron Kilgarlin of ASC Explains How Workplace Drug Testing Improves Communities

Ron Kilgarlin of ASC Explains How Workplace Drug Testing Improves Communities

According to Ron Kilgarlin, co-owner of American Screening Corporation (ASC), Investing in workplace drug testing is a no-brainer. Kilgarlin explained that drug screening provides numerous benefits to employees and employers, but many people are unaware of the benefits it offers communities.

Healthier Employees Mean Healthier Communities

Kilgarlin began by explaining that a positive drug test result is not necessarily indicative of a drug problem but can be a sign of one. The goal of workplace drug testing isn’t to put employees out of their job. It can result in rehabilitation options for employees to return to work and their communities more productively.

Individuals with drug problems can cause life-altering difficulties for their families and the communities in which they reside. They may cause physical harm to family members, make workplaces less productive, and put a strain on the healthcare system. Drug abuse is a community problem, and Ron Kilgarlin and his wife Shawn Kilgarlin explained that drug testing in the workplace could help.

Superior Workplace Productivity Means Better Service

Research shows that employees who use drugs are significantly less productive than those who do not. Drug use often results in absenteeism and low workplace morale, which can negatively affect other employees and the business’s success.

Unfortunately, employee absenteeism and poor employee productivity harm the community as well. It means customers may receive inferior service due to a shortage of workers. A company’s quality of services and goods may suffer due to an employee missing work due to drugs or using drugs while at work.

A Better Image for the Company and a Community

Large companies are symbols of the community, and the decisions management makes directly affect the community’s image.

Employee drug use can harm the company culture and its image. Other employees and community members may feel decreased dust in the company and their products or services. A company with numerous safety concerns and errors may give the public a negative perception of the entire organization.

The businesses within a community represent the community as a whole. All citizens can suffer the effects of decreased tourism or a failing economy caused by disastrous businesses.

Drug Testing Reduces Community Drug Use

Workplace drug testing results in fewer members of a community using drugs. The Kilgarlins saw fentanyl use on the rise in their home city of Shreveport and nearby cities. The effects of this horrific substance and others inspired them to make a difference.

Workplace drug testing shows employees that they can lose their incomes if they use drugs at home or work. It keeps the employees, their families, and entire communities safer in the face of America’s substance abuse epidemic.

About ASC Founded by Ron and Shawn Kilgarlin

American Screening Corporation is one of the leading distributors of rapid drug testing supplies in the United States. Ron Kilgarlin with his wife Shawn dedicates their lives to making workplaces safer and more productive for employees and business owners.

ASC is a certified ISO 13485 company providing the highest quality medical supplies to businesses around the country. The Kilgarlins and the employers who trust them strongly believe these products help save lives.