SaaS Platforms: How to Save on Payment Monetization

SaaS Platforms How to Save on Payment Monetization

Indirect costs, payment monetizing, and savings

Merchant and processing services were not traditionally included in software-as-a-service platforms. ISOs and other intermediaries carried out merchant services.

SaaS platforms, however, are in a position to profit from merchant services rather than third-party intermediaries. In addition to their core offerings, they can provide these services through embedded payment features. SaaS companies can provide payment functionality on top of their core products as a value-added service. This service may incur an additional fee. This is the core principle of payment monetization.

SaaS platforms can monetize in a variety of ways. These include markups, diversified payment plans, transparent reporting, and leasing of payment hardware. Platforms can offer additional services to subscription-based businesses and franchisors, again, at an additional charge.

Detailed information regarding each of these payment monetizing tactics can be found in the payment monetization guide.

Payment Monetization: How It Increases Savings and Reduces Indirect Costs

The majority of people would associate payment monetization for platforms with generating multiple revenue streams. As a result of embedded payments, SaaS companies are not only able to increase profits but reduce costs as well. In turn, they are able to channel a significant amount of funds to the improvement of their core products and services. Savings are financial gains.

By integrating payments, you can reduce merchant onboarding costs.   Furthermore, by making merchant statements more transparent, you are also saving money on tech support. As clear reporting data answers all of a customer’s potential questions, transparent reports reduce the number of support calls.

As an added benefit, SaaS platforms can encourage merchants to consolidate their processing volumes. Consolidating payments would enable merchants to negotiate better deals with underlying processors. The operating costs of the payment solution are still the deciding factor for many businesses and platforms.


Monetizing payments can be profitable and cost-effective for SaaS platforms. Therefore, they can both monetize and reduce their indirect costs while adding payment features to their core offering.

Multi-SaaS companies have already implemented UniPay Gateway’s white-label payment gateway technology, making the process as smooth and seamless as possible. By monetizing payments, your platform can generate revenue and save money. If you would like more information, please contact us and be sure to view our comprehensive guidelines for monetizing payments.