Should You Disclose Your Sexual Harassment Story Publicly or Not?

Should You Disclose Your Sexual Harassment Story Publicly or Not?

For a woman, the world is a tight place to be. If she wants to become somebody and get fame, she has to go through many difficulties, twice as many men, to achieve her goals. Not to mention in some places of the earth, even getting her rights or working in the outside world can be quite challenging and full of conflicts. But the problem isn’t just for women when it comes to sexual harassment; boys also become the target of this.

Sexual harassment can be of varying stages, some being more intense than the others and can happen anywhere anytime. It cannot be prepared for, especially if the person inflicted upon is weak. A person may feel that they can handle something like this, but when it actually happens, they can’t even let out as much as a squeak.

The aftermath of sexual harassment is just as tormenting with flashes, depression, lowered self-esteem, and many other downfalls. To relieve a person of these repercussions, the imposed try to end their life, find some dangerous outlet, and seldomly find the courage within themselves to become a new person. So the question forever remains, can letting out a sexual harassment story to the broader public be beneficial? Or should it be disclosed as a John Doe? Can voicing out actually provide the relief it’s said to be, or do things only get harder after it? Let’s find out below:

Disadvantages of Disclosing

Reporting a sexual harassment claim may not always fall in your favor. Suppose if you’re to report harassment inflicted at work, you will immediately get fired and might be even sued by the authorities for not having substantial evidence. If money is an obligatory necessity for you and your family, this harassment report can become your worst enemy and haunt you for life.

Advantages Of Public Divulging

No matter what your obligation or liability is, sexual harassment is wrong and irrational, and the inflictor is right to have to do it to you. There is no justification for the offender to have inflicted this crime upon you, and so they shall face punishment by the law whether you like it or not.

And voicing your opinion is your right that you must practice elevating the stress and the torment of such an absurd thing happening. If you don’t have the courage yet, you can disclose your story anonymously at first. Target your enemy, and then when you get attention, you can go out into the public. Stand confident as you will be doing the right thing and pronounce the injustice placed on you. Stem out the malicious characters of this world so that none of them would dare to practice these actions again.