Should You Get an 8K TV?

Should You Get an 8K TV?

You may have recently bought a 4K TV but recently heard that there are now 8K TVs in the market.

Is investing in an 8K TV worth it for 2021? More importantly, are there games or videos in 8K resolution?

8K TV Price of Entry

Being a relatively new technology 8K TVs have a higher price tag than most. Early adopters may argue that it’s the cost of having the newest and the latest, and that you’ll be investing in the future.

TV manufacturers are already setting their sights on 8K TVs. Other aspects include OLED, flexible screens and huge 100 inch and over variations, but they have their own categories and price points.

If you have the money then it makes sense that you’d want to invest in them. As a measure of how it would look, you’ll be viewing almost 33 million pixels, which may be too small to see in a 65 inch display.

Should You Buy an 8K TV?

Here are some benefits of buying an 8K TV.

Watch in the Highest Resolution

Though 8K content are sparse right now you can expect things to change. For instance, you can try to see how 8K looks like by going to ดูหนัง 8k-movie. In terms of games hardware is yet to catch up but it’s a very optimistic outlook for the upcoming months.

Future Proofing

Buying an 8K TV now will set you up for the future. You’ll have a hardware that’s more advanced than most and something that’s sure to support 8K content that will be produced by moviemakers and streaming services.

Good Value for Money

It’s not unusual for companies to put all their new tech into a product, and this is the case for 8K TVs. When you buy one, you’re sure to get the best in display, input and output options, smart functions and more.