Social Features in Mobile Games

Social Features in Mobile Games

Mobile games have evolved from simple action games to fully-featured titles, with depth, gameplay and social aspects that are comparable to its PC and console counterparts. It’s present in Luke99 agen Judi slot online and your favorite mobile game, which may not have been widespread ten years ago.

Social features are a notable upgrade and are quite par with social media platforms. Here are 4 of them that have appeared prominently.

Spectator Mode

In spectator mode, you become the third party onlooker who will watch without participating in the event.

It’s similar to watching someone else play on YouTube or Twitch- you just sit back, relax and see the action unfold.

Hangout Rooms

Virtual lounges are also known as hangout rooms, where people can concentrate on communicating or speaking to other people and talk about anything under the sun.

Hangout rooms are also sometimes called online lobbies where gamers wait for their friends before going on quests or parties. They can also show off their in-game items or cosmetic items here.

Sending or Asking for Help

Sending or asking for energy has become commonplace in Facebook games and has extended to mobile games as well. All it takes is one tap or click and you’ll have more energy or action in your next game session.

In-Game Chat

In-game chat is perhaps the easiest to implement in mobile games. Not all mobile gamers have access to a headset, and not all of them prefer to communicate using voice calls.

You can usually find these at the bottom area, where a blank white space is. Tap into it and the QWERTY keyboard comes up, and after you type in the message it appears in the general chat or another players’.

Some online casino sites such as feature in-game chats on some titles. It presents an interesting depth in games and socialization in general.