Special Strong Launches Adaptive Gym Franchise

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Special Strong, a renowned brand in the adaptive fitness industry, launches its franchising. Aspiring business owners can now operate their own Special Strong gym territory. This fantastic opportunity has been recently approved, allowing any eligible person to use the trademark and set up the gym.

The gym was first established in 2016, and not even a decade in the industry, Special Strong had already trained and transformed the lives of some 1,500 individuals with physical and mental challenges. Since then, the gym has been recognized as a go-to fitness center of this population. Special Strong recognizes the need for qualified trainers who are determined to help physically and mentally challenged individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle through adaptive training.

Adaptive exercise is personal training that is strategically designed for people with disabilities. Unlike regular personal training, workouts and exercise routines are anchored to help supply the special needs of the individual.

An adaptive fitness trainer can become a regular personal trainer, but a personal trainer cannot be an adaptive fitness trainer. In this training, safety is the top priority. Since you will be working with persons with disabilities, it’s crucial that you know how to execute the exercises as safely as possible with your clients. Acquiring the proper education and certification is mandatory before you are able to respond to your client’s needs.

Special Strong has established a team of renowned adaptive fitness professionals who have been successful in training individuals with a disability for years. These experts have been through rigorous training, certified, and have medical clearance to perform the task.

The good news is, you can be part of the Special Strong team today! The franchising opens a door of opportunities. You can make a difference while earning a stable profit. Learn more about how to become a Special Strong franchisee and change your future.

Special Strong Gym Franchise

So, what’s in store for you? Special Strong is now offering a rare opportunity to help you set up a profitable gym business. Working with a brand that has been providing advanced adaptive exercise to children and adults with disabilities is a stable money-making venture.

Special Strong is a great stepping stone for aspiring business owners. The brand offers a great business opportunity with calculated risks to make sure that your hard-earned money will not go down the drain.

Why Choose Special Strong?

Here are the following reasons why Special Strong is a great franchising opportunity for any aspiring business owner:

●    Affordable investment

Special Strong is one of the most affordable fitness franchises in the industry. You can pay for the initial investment fee and franchise fee without burning a hole in your pocket. Best of all, you don’t need to look for a brick-and-mortar gym to start your own Special Strong adaptive fitness gym. You can start from anywhere and anytime you like. The company wants to ensure faster financial growth when you work with them.

●    Minimum royalty rate

You work hard for it; you earn it. Special Strong lets you keep up to 90% of your earnings. Unlike other brands that require a higher royalty percentage, Special Strong offers fast and unlimited earning potential. If you want to launch a high-earning gym franchise, Special Strong is the best way to go.

●    Risk-free turnkey blueprint

There’s a reason behind Special Strong’s fast success despite being new to the industry—the risk-free turnkey blueprint. This business model is exclusive to Special Strong and has been proven and tested to be effective. It utilizes a proprietary technology stack that can help you achieve long-lasting success in the fitness industry.

 Maximum support and training

Special Strong will help you every step of the way. The brand offers an elite support team dedicated only to you and your business. You will also undergo online training, and every week, you will receive coaching from experts on how to run your business.

Is the adaptive fitness industry profitable?

Now more than ever, people are willing to invest in fitness companies and gyms to better the quality of their lives. Fitness gyms are popping out everywhere. There is no single corporate building where a gym is not available. For this reason alone, investment in the fitness industry is profitable.

But how about the adaptive fitness industry? Do you know that over 61 million adults in the United States have a disability? It means one in every four adults have some type of disability. 26% of the total population are born disabled or had been injured, which led to some type of disability. The rate of disabled individuals is the highest in the South.

However, even with the growing numbers of disabled persons, there aren’t a lot of adaptive fitness gyms that are accessible. A disabled individual cannot enter a regular gym and expect adaptive exercise from the instructors. Hence, the demand for qualified adaptive fitness trainers is high.

Investing in an adaptive exercise gym will secure your future. Given that the alternative fitness industry is rapidly growing anywhere in the world, the franchisees of Special Strong can guarantee financial success upon investment.

Is it worth it to franchise Special Strong?

 Franchising Special Strong could be the big break that you’re waiting for. You don’t need to be an expert to become a Special Strong owner. There’s no need to find your brick-and-mortar gym, saving you time and money. Unlike other franchises that require you to monitor the business 24/7, with Special Strong, you can create the lifestyle of your dreams. The schedule is flexible and allows you to train whenever and wherever you want.

Special Strong offers different levels for franchisees, allowing them to choose the business model that suits them the most.

Level 1

You can start the level 1 fitness franchise concepts at other clubs. It is quite handy as it allows you to start as soon as possible with minimum costs and lower fees. Level 1 uses a scalable and recurring revenue model. There is no need to purchase any of the equipment when you franchise the brand. You can start almost anywhere and anytime you want. Moreover, the competition for this level is limited, ensuring your success.

Level 2

At this level, you can now own your brick-and-mortar Special Strong adapted gym franchise. The company will allow you to operate using the scalable brick and mortar concept. You will also get access to innovative and advanced equipment for catering services. The adapted features are designed to help you start up a business. As a franchisee, you will enjoy a family-centric facility with the Special Strong team. You will receive guidance and support from them. You can choose from 4,000 to 8,000 square-feet models.

 Start Your Special Strong Franchise Today

Special Strong franchisees can benefit full support from the team on investment. Rest assured that the Special Strong will be there every step of the way. The expert coaching will be regular, the webinars are readily available, and there are weekly franchise calls that you can rely on. Moreover, Special Strong will give you advanced marketing tools to keep your business going.

For only one territory, the startup cost is $37,850 to $53,300. Compared to other typical gym startup costs that are around $250,000 to $500,000, you can save a lot in Special Strong. Thanks to the lower overhead costs, you can enjoy the faster growth of your finances and move one step closer to Level 2. Once you own a gym, the profitability will increase, generating stable profit in the long run.

Different Financing Options for Special Strong Franchise

Special Strong is made accessible to anyone who dreams of becoming a gym owner through financing. You can finance your investment fee and franchise fee via a third-party organization such as SBA.

The SBA works with lenders to finance small businesses. Keep in mind that this agency will not lend money directly to the franchisee. It only helps you to reduce the risks of franchising a brand and makes the capital easy to access. Small businesses such as Special Strong is now guaranteed to get loans.

Here are the following eligibility requirements for SBA application:

  • The franchisee must be registered as a for-profit business, and it must be operating under legal terms.
  •  As the business owner, you must not have fewer than 500 workers and less than $7.5 million annual revenue for the past three years.
  •  You must prove your commitment of time and money into running the business.
  • Your business must be based in the United States. All operations must be within the states only.
  • Your business must be eligible for the SBA industry. Non-profit businesses aren’t allowed.
  • You must show evidence that you have applied and got rejected by other financial lenders.
  • You have to present evidence of a sound business purpose, and the intended fund’s usage must be SBA-approved.
  • You have to prove not to be delinquent on any existing debts to the U.S. government.

If you want to apply for SBA financing, make sure that you have a good credit score. The agency prefers applicants with over 680 credit score and a good source of income to meet the debt obligations.

The Benefits of Joining the Special Strong Team

One of the main benefits of joining the Special Strong team is the fact that it is the most affordable fitness franchise, not just in the industry but in the entire world. It’s one of the few fitness centers that does not require a brick and mortar gym, allowing you to establish your business as soon as possible. Special Strong is a rewarding business that allows you to generate a stable income while having a fulfilling job.

Managing the Special Strong adaptive training gym could be the better work-life balance you are waiting for. You have the chance to meet and help disabled people, all the while maintaining an active lifestyle for yourself. Setting up a Special Strong gym is made easier and more accessible. Thanks to the industry trends, fitness franchises are now welcome in rented facilities, including community centers and even churches.

More and more people recognize the benefits of exercise—especially the targeted disabled population. Previously, adaptive training is perceived as a luxury. But now, it has become a necessity for disabled individuals to lead a better life. A lot of physically and mentally challenged people are now comfortable with investing in their health.

To put it in numbers, the United States fitness franchise industry has generated over $3 billion per year. It is predicted that the U.S. gym and fitness franchise will continue to increase with an annualized rate of 5.1 percent from 2010 to 2020.

As a Special Strong franchisee, you must be passionate about adaptive fitness. Depending on the business model that you have acquired, you can operate the business and train your clients, or you can manage the business and outsource the adaptive training. Thanks to the proven business model of your franchisor, advice, and guidelines are always one call away. Special Strong is a recognized brand when it comes to adaptive training, and they always offer additional support and coaching to their franchisees.

Rest assured that franchising an adaptive gym is a win-win situation. Most franchise owners can benefit from a stable source of income, even when clients don’t always show up. The membership model means clients have to automatically pay for their monthly fee regardless if they go to the gym or not. According to the recent data, clients visit their gym for 102 days per year and can last with their club for up to 5 years. With adaptive exercise, since it aims to improve their mobility and deemed necessary, you can enjoy longer days and years servicing your clients.

Make a difference with Special Strong.

Now that Special Strong launches adaptive gym franchises, you can benefit from a rare opportunity that will help you achieve financial stability while maintaining a fulfilling job. Now that you are ready to venture into the adaptive fitness industry world, identifying the best brand to work with is the key. Investing in Special Strong can lead to a more secure financial success and a better future.