Team Build With Trading Pins

Team Build With Trading Pins

Any coach knows that the key to a successful team is team building itself. No matter what the skill level of the athletes on the roster, if they aren’t working together as a cohesive unit, success is not guaranteed. There are many strategies that coaches can employ to promote a familial, supportive team environment. One effective method is to create customized apparel and accessories that teammates can wear that are specific to their team alone. This promotes identification with the team as well as connection between teammates. Trading pins can be a great option for coaches to utilize to promote team spirit, identification, and connection.

Promote Spirit With Trading Pins

Customized team accessories can be distributed to team members, coaches, staff, and fans. When coaches are purchasing trading pins for their team, they should buy custom trading pins in large enough quantities to furnish everyone on this list. Consider allowing team members the opportunity to design the pin themselves. They can customize it to their sport, or they may want to incorporate a team motto. The more personal the design, the greater effect the pin will have on identity too, and connection with the team.

Once the customized pins are received, athletes can be allowed to distribute them to family and friends. Sharing pins with folks outside of the members of the team can create spirit within the community. Athletes will feel appreciated when they see others, sometimes complete strangers, wearing their team pins.

Promote Team Identification With Trading Pins

An athlete will perform better when they identify with their team. This type of identification can be created with the smallest of tokens or gestures. Team trading pins are a great way to promote identification with a team because they are customized and highly visible. When athletes attach the pin to their clothing or gear bag, they are essentially telling the world that they are a member of the team. Obviously, coaches need to promote this type of emotion in many different ways in order to get the best results. However, leaders shouldn’t minimize the large effect that even the smallest gesture can have on an athlete’s identification with his or her team.

Promote Connection With Trading Pins

In addition to promoting identification with a team, custom trading pins can promote connection between athletes. Connection is important for team success. Among other reasons, this need for connection is why team members wear matching uniforms. Feeling connected to your teammates promotes goodwill and trust. Without these, the team will suffer. 

While connection between teammates is essential, connection with coaches, staff, and fans is also important. By allowing pins to be distributed outside of the team, coaches are encouraging connections between their athletes and the greater community. When athletes see the pins displayed by others, they feel supported by their leadership and by the community. Their efforts take on more meaning when they feel that those efforts are supported by others. There is no substitute for the feeling an athlete gets when they feel supported by the fans in front of whom they play. This connection encourages greater effort and greater interest in obtaining a successful result.

No matter the sport or the size of the team, team building is essential to the success of any group of athletes. Coaches can promote this connection in a variety of ways, including outfitting their athletes in customized team apparel and accessories. Trading pins are small but long-lasting reminders of an athlete’s place on the team, their connection to their teammates, and the support of their community. Team spirit is essential for team success and while they may be small, trading pins promote spirit on a large scale.