Tech entrepreneur Chris Hughes emphasizes the importance of creating a great experience for end-users

Tech entrepreneur Chris Hughes emphasizes the importance of creating a great experience for end-users

The new normal of business marketing will see a continued rise in digital presence of brands. With this, as business owners kick-start their operations and start selling their ideas; most often they are unable to achieve all their goals. This happens because they haven’t mapped out how their objectives will fit with those of their customers. Thereby, it results in a gap between the product and consumer. Today, although digital marketing is on top of the game, it is crucial to identify these gaps and resolve them. UK-based tech entrepreneur, Chris Hughes dedicated his career to technology and created an exceptional user interface, both with product design and the experience of using a service.

Solving the modern-day problem

“An entrepreneur has a list of unending things to address and decoding a WordPress website and learning how to customize it, is probably not a priority for him/ her. Although it should be! The result is that this task is outsourced to an average coder who often delivers sub-par outcomes not in line with the business offerings. This ultimately leads to unsatisfied customers.” Chris and his team got together to solve this problem with his company, RedLettuce.

They build an extensive portfolio of high-quality plugins that are continuously upgraded for the layman user. The idea was to simplify the WordPress platform and its plugins for businesses and help them navigate customer needs more effectively. “Technology is here to make our lives simpler. A seamless user experience can be the difference maker to attain recurring customers and faster business development.”

Unlocking a new potential

With over two decades of experience in the technology business, entrepreneur and WordPress expert Chris Hughes is transforming how websites were viewed till now. RedLettuce is actively acquiring and launching new software and plugins every day, thereby making WordPress more convenient to use.

From starting his first web based hosting company in 1996, hosting over 50000 websites from customers all over the United Kingdom, to selling his company to Fasthosts, UK’s largest hosting company, and later joining their 12-person product team, all before 2002; Chris has come a long way – taking his consumers from a mediocre web experience to an exceptional one.

In the years to come, Chris worked with many award-winning websites before launching another hosting company, mintWP in 2017. This company is now aiding eCommerce websites to handle increased demand since the lockdowns in early 2020 and explore 1000% growth compared to normal traffic levels.

WordPress is one of the most dynamic web hosting platforms and if fully explored, it can change the way websites are perceived, and R​edLettuce’s team of enthusiastic developers are consistently working towards this goal.

Both physical and digital companies are seeking to enhance front-end features while aggressively eliminating back-end glitches. The future will be ruled by those companies who can provide an interrupted and flawless web experience to the end-user.