Tech Trends in Travel for 2021

Tech Trends in Travel for 2021

2020 has shaken things up where industries are forced to adapt with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Travel, hotels and tourism suffered greatly, but with the help of technology businesses stabilized for the better.

As expected, these are the emerging tech trends in travel for the year 2021.

Virtual Reality

VR in travel can immensely help not just in visualization but in different aspects as well.

With governments urging people to stay at home, VR can be a digital escape. Hotel and resort owners can begin capturing tourist highlights and offering them as a teaser or for a complementary experience when they get the chance to visit.

Also, VR can be a sort of a pre-emptive visit in that you can see the amenities or scenery before deciding to book a ticket.

Self Check-In

With social distancing an absolute must nowadays independent operation is on the rise. These things can help both parties avoid contact and paves the way for a smoother and non-intrusive entrance.

Smartphones, apps and guides can help in this regard. Visitors will know what to do even before they arrive by reviewing directions on apps and instant messaging.

Transportation Continues to Innovate

Times have certainly changed, especially when it comes to hailing a taxi to Heathrow, for example.

Technology has made it easier to summon a ride whenever you need it. Contactless payments can do its part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. You can even choose the taxi you want- get child seats for your kids so you won’t have to worry about their safety.


A chatbot ensures there will always be someone who can answer your questions, something that’s invaluable in travel and its never-sleeping aspect.

They’re better than a static FAQ page or an email query platform. Customers can get timely information as to when and how to book a flight or a hotel for a certain day, for example.