Temu App Review: How To Get The Most Value For Your Hard-Earned Dollars

Temu App Review How To Get The Most Value For Your Hard-Earned Dollars

Free coupons and discounts are great incentives for online shopping. Just as your local grocery store will host frequent sales on different items, online retailers usually dish out coupons and promotions to help you get the most value for your hard-earned dollars.

As one of the newest US online shopping sites, Temu has many coupons and discounts for new users and students looking to save money. To save money without sacrificing quality, look through Temu’s vast product listings. You’ll find incredible deals that get you the most bang for your buck. 

To help you save even more money, we’ve compiled a guide to Temu’s various promotions and discounts. Read on to find out what coupons you can take advantage of on Temu:

Gifts For New Users

New users get several exclusive deals eligible for their first few orders. (Caveat: promotions, coupons, and discounts are subject to change, please check the website or app for the latest.)

These include:

  • Free shipping on the first order. This can be used no matter the size of the order, which makes it an excellent incentive to order several different products at once. That way you’ll get to take advantage of the free shipping for multiple products at a time.
  • Discount coupons. New users get two exclusive coupons for their orders. The first is a 30% off coupon with no minimum, capped at $15. The second is a 15% off coupon for orders over $10, capped at $5.

Student Discounts

Students get a special discount on Temu. If you’re a student, you can earn a monthly coupon of 15% off your order, capped at $15.  All you have to do is fill in your student email address and select your graduation year. Then, once you’ve confirmed your mailbox, you can become a student member of Temu. The student discount is valid until the end of your graduation year. After you’ve verified your student status, the student discount will automatically be used when you place an order.

Lightning Deals

Temu also offers limited-time-only deals on a rotating range of products. These are called “Lightning deals,” and are usually available for up to eight hours. On the home page, you’ll see a Lightning deals section where you can browse through today’s list of sale items. Make sure to check the site every day to see the latest items being offered as lightning deals!

Where Do I Find My Coupons?

If you have new user coupons, you can find the codes listed under the “Coupon codes” section of your profile.  This will list three types of coupons:

  • Unused coupons. Unused coupons will show the offer, coupon code, and expiration date.  To use a coupon, either enter the code or click the “Use” button at the top of the coupon.
  • Used coupons. This section shows the coupons you’ve used within the last three months.
  • Expired coupons. This section shows the coupons that expired before you got a chance to use them.

If you want to enter new coupon codes, you can do so at the top of this page. Simply input the coupon code in the box and click the “Apply” button. This will add the coupon to your list of Unused coupons. Make sure you use them before the offer expires!  Note that only one coupon can be used per order, so choose the coupon that offers you the best deal for your particular order.

Temu Credit

Temu issues you credits on occasion whenever you experience an inconvenience such as delivery delays or out-of-stock products.  You can also earn credits as rewards for participating in promotional activities or in place of a cash refund for returns.  To check your credit balance, sign into your Temu account and go to the “Credit balance” section of your profile.

Your credit balance is automatically applied to eligible orders before you submit them. If you don’t want to use your credit balance for a particular order, you can change the amount of credit you use on the order confirmation page before submitting the order. Although coupons can only be used one at a time, you can use your Temu credits with a coupon.

With its direct access to over 11 million global suppliers, Temu Temu has the ability to offer amazing prices even before discount coupons. You’ll find wholesale prices and direct-from-factory deals on a wide variety of product categories from electronics to clothing.

Sign up today to take advantage of their new user coupons and discounts – you won’t regret it!