The Future of Online Dating Might be Credit Card Free – Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

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Have you ever headed online with the hope of exploring online dating, only to be left quickly confused by all of the paid membership and lengthy subscription options you come up against? If so, then you certainly aren’t alone.

It can seem as if the only way to meet someone you connect with is to surrender lots of your valuable time and money. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There are options available to contemporary daters all over the world now, without the need to take out your credit card at any point. Well, until you’re on an actual date at least – that’s a cost you’ll actually have to graciously accept!

The future of online dating is becoming even more prominently credit card free as more and more daters seek better options for themselves.

There are now a range of completely free dating sites, no subscription, that you can enjoy without the worry of time or money traps.

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Want to know about them? Read on for the 5 reasons why the dating world is moving away from the credit card traps of years before:

1. Memberships are not always affordable. At some point, most hopeful daters have considered registering for a paid membership on a dating site like or similar. But when they see the prices and the length of time they are committed to being tied into the site, they might think otherwise. Realistically, some singles simply cannot afford the monthly costs which leaves many great matches out of the market.

2. The offer of a free trial falls flat. Many singles might feel tempted to test the waters of a membership site without investing too much. Unfortunately many subscription dating sites only offer 7 days free, which everyone knows isn’t really long enough to find someone to date – let alone to find ‘the one’ if that’s what you’re seeking. Daters don’t want to feel the pressure of the clock running in a spot of time like this – yet another reason why they are turning to credit card free opportunities of dating!

3. Subscription segregation prevents freedom of movement. Ultimately, if many daters are committed to a few select dating websites they are then far less likely to have the broad ‘catch’ they might be hoping for. Furthermore, daters who couldn’t afford a pricy membership or who chose not to pay for a profile are not able to meet those who did. Who knows how many ‘would be’ couples haven’t met because of this? Lowering the barriers of financial limitation solves this problem!

4. There’s no option for someone who wants to test the water. Newly divorced? Recently heartbroken? Not sure you’re ready to date quite yet, but you want to explore the option for a little while? Sometimes, although it may not feel like it, this can be the perfect time to meet someone. But only by trying out a little ‘dating exploration’ will a person really know. Time committing subscriptions can be scarily off putting to such a dater, which could mean they ultimately miss out. As can the daters who would love to meet them!

5. Times are changing, and the dating world needs to keep up. The explosion of the internet and all its many features has undoubtedly changed life for us all. Online dating has moved on a great deal in a relatively short period of time. But it continues to do so – and not in the direction of complicated customer memberships and high profits for those benefiting from the genuine hopes of singles everywhere.

The myth that unpaid or free dating websites and apps are just for ‘hook ups’ or time wasters is definitely being left behind. Many genuine singles with good intentions are looking for connectedness in a cyber based world now – they just don’t want to have to pay for it!

We all deserve the opportunity to meet someone we enjoy spending our time with, no matter what type or length of time the relationship might be.

Modern singles know what they want. USA daters want useable, stress-free, cost-free tools and options to meet people who are like minded with them. That’s not such a difficult ask, is it?

Let’s embrace the many positives the developments of technology has taken us so far, while acknowledging the stale elements that we can move on from. The time is now!

None of us know what tomorrow will bring. But we can take control of how we choose to spend our time and our money today. And that applies to our romantic life, along with our professional and personal choices.

This year could be the year that free dating websites take the lead! We could see a very different future living forwards – not just romantically.

The future of online dating could be credit card free – and who knows what relationships could be nurtured into life as a result?

Here’s to the future. A future that holds a membership and credit card free perspective. Without the need for that sneaky subscription it’s small print!