The Importance of Appearance in the Workplace

The Importance of Appearance in the Workplace

With more than 60 percent of American adults receiving their first dose of the vaccine, businesses are starting to open up and asking employees to work onsite. This situation poses a new challenge for many employees who have been working from home for over a year. Aside from the health protocols that they have to follow, employees will have to reacquaint themselves with making themselves look good in the office.

Looking good affects a person’s self-esteem and the way colleagues and supervisors look at a person. It also draws positive attention to a person and allows the person to exhibit a professional appearance. Even though performance counts, a person’s appearance can affect the productivity of a person at work. When a person looks good, they will feel good and positively affect their productivity.

Dress Codes

Even though some people may want to express themselves through the way they dress, they should still take into account the dress code policy of their company. Aside from reflecting professionalism, the dress code also shows the values and expectations of a company.

Some companies may have relaxed dress codes where employees come in casual attire. Others may have strict dress codes where the employees have to come in a coat and tie. But the attire typically depends on the type of business the company has. For instance, banks and financial institutions may require formal attire. On the other hand, startups may allow their employees to come in anything they want to wear as long as they look decent.

Good Grooming

Aside from the attire, employees who work in the office should also practice good grooming. For example, many work-at-home employees may have gotten away with combing their hair right after getting off their beds before attending an online meeting. But this will change as they start to work at the office.

Employees will have to make sure they look good when they report for work. This means taking a shower, getting a proper haircut, clean teeth, and clean nails. People view sloppiness as a sign of disrespect for the job. So, employees should come in looking well-groomed and well-dressed depending on the office dress code. They should avoid wearing untucked shirts and dirty shoes. Additionally, they should start practicing good grooming long before their first day working at the office since the pandemic started.

Follow Company Dress Code

Companies have a set of rules over the way their employees dress. The dress code allows the company to tell its employees its expectations on the image it wants to show to its customers. It may be a uniform or a guide on what the employees should wear while at work. The dress code also shows that everyone shares the values and vision of the company. It also promotes cohesion within the company and allows everyone to feel that they are part of the company.

Dress for Success

The appearance of a person not only conveys their personality but also shows if they aim to succeed in their professional life. While they can aim to spend a small fortune on their outfit, they can also opt for simple yet impressive-looking outfits they have at home. They can mix and match and look for a combination that they are comfortable with and shows their drive to succeed at work.

Attire for Women

For the women, they can wear business suits or skirts with a blazer if the company has a formal atmosphere in the office. They can opt for neutral shades, such as black, gray, or white. They can also look for a simple style of outfit.

Women should also avoid too many accessories since they may end up affecting their productivity. They can opt for a silicone bracelet. These accessories are a safe option for women who want to look good without sacrificing comfort.

Attire for Men

When it comes to clothes, men have limited options in a corporate environment. They can opt for a good shirt, nice pair of trousers, and polished shoes. They should also have well-trimmed hair and a clean shave. Men should avoid colors that jump out. Instead, they should look for clothing that is smart and simple.

If the office setting calls for casual attire, they can be creative and exercise a bit of their freedom. But they should also make sure they look decent and not unkempt. In these situations, men can focus on a creative style that reflects their personality.

With the end of the pandemic coming close, people may have to start thinking about their attire when asked to start working in the office. They can refer to the company’s dress code so that they can look decent once they begin working on site.

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