The Importance of Sender Score in Regard to Email Deliverability

The Importance of Sender Score in Regard to Email Deliverability

One of the significant elements of email deliverability is considered to be sending reputation which is a certain score that is measured by an ISP. The messages of the company with low sender scores are unlikely to get into the inbox. The score, which ISPs assess your email with, is affected by the way your subscribers deal with your mailing. There are particular clues and software which assist to comprehend the mechanism of sending reputation and to keep an eye on it. 

What Do Email Reputation and Email Deliverability Signify?

Email deliverability is regarded as a possibility of messages from one sender to get into the inboxes of addressees.Email reputation and email deliverability are interrelated. When we mention email reputation, we mean all possible checks carried out by mailbox providers to estimate the reliability of your company as a sender. Algorithms which assess the sending reputation vary among different mailbox providers.

Components of Reputation Which Are Significant for Deliverability

Three major components of verifying sender reputation are distinguished:

  • IP Reputation.
  • Content Reputation.
  • Domain Reputation.

Emails circulate to pursue personal and business goals. However, the major drawback of mailing is spreading spam. That’s why IP reputation is applied by main ISPs to fight against spam. It estimates whether internet users are willing to get messages from particular IP addresses on the basis of spam, mass mailing and bounces. It is recommended to run an email spam check to secure your IP. Sometimes IP reputation is in itself regarded as inadequate as it doesn’t take into account that messages containing the same data may be delivered by different IPs.

Content reputation was elaborated a bit later after IP reputation. Its objective is to control the quality of the email data. ISPs pay attention to certain markers like inquiring for bank details and viruses during the content check. The other markers, which show unwelcome messages, are being flagged, blocked or unsubscribed, and having low opening percentage.

On the basis of domain reputation, it’s possible to evaluate a genuine email within each domain. To check domain for spam score is an essential part of every email marketing campaign. It is advisable to make use of email warmup tools which can prepare new domains for effective email campaigns. Controlled gradual increasing of the quantity of messages contributes to becoming a trustworthy sender.  

Sometimes an IP and a domain may differ, consequently, it is advisable to control both options. Content reputation complements the work of IP reputation. You can assess the quality of the sent messages based on email history with IP reputation, while with content one you can estimate the text of the message. These checks help readers make up their mind to spend time on the particular sender or not. These are not the only sender reputation checks, but they are the most significant.

Email Deliverability Consulting about Obtaining a High Sender Score

A term ‘sender score’ was introduced by Return Path. A sender score determines the rate of the sending reputation and varies from 0 to 100. It presents how mailbox providers see the address of your IP. It’s a great possibility to keep an eye on email sending practices of the company and evaluate the efficacy of the marketing campaign. To take control of the sender score, it’s necessary to consider several factors: the quality of content, the quantity of unidentified users you send messages to, complaints against spam, being blacklisted, the level of engagement of previous messages and so on.

A sender score may be identified by the data which Return Path gets. However, the Internet service providers measure it on the basis of their own datasets which aren’t connected with Return Path. That’s why, you may be assessed with a good rate of sender score, but your messages may not land into the inbox. The best solution is to consider the source and to concentrate on the deliverability with the aid of email delivery tests. It’s a kind of rate which estimates if your messages go into the inbox or spam folder. That is the ultimate objective of every sender.

It’s wise to make use of email deliverability consulting. Consultants try to investigate your state of affairs, your objectives and problems. They conduct all the necessary checks on your sender score and deliverability, and implement spam testers. If you are interested in a comprehensive solution to issues connected with email deliverability and reputation, you are welcome to address Folderly. Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins. Its pros are ready to cooperate with you to build your good sending reputation.

How Is It Possible to Verify a Sender Score?

There are several actions you require to examine your sender score:

  1.  Go on a website
  2. Start an account. Remember to indicate your business email address.
  3. You are to receive a confirmation message. It’s essential to click the link to activate the account.
  4. You will be rerouted to a webpage. There is an empty box to indicate an IP address or the name of a domain.
  5. You should state the IP address which you would like to check. You are to see the sender score.
  6. When you indicate a domain name, you will be provided with the following data: the volume of the sent messages, the sender score and IPs which send messages from the domain.

You can access information of the last 30 days before your inquiry.

The Relevance of a Checklist for a Marketing Campaign

Succeeding in an email marketing campaign involves a lot of actions which should be taken at various stages. Making a plan is as crucial as inspecting its fulfillment. It is recommended to have a checklist to assess what you have done and what is away in your messages. These are the items you’d better add in your checklist: an accurate subject line, a pre-header, credible links and UTM tags, text amending and suitable CTAs. Particular attention should be paid to text amending. You need to proofread your message to ensure that the content is understandable and high-quality. Emails with mistakes or no sense are likely to bounce.

One of the points of the checklist may be running a spam tester to verify the landing of your mailing. You also need to verify your subscribers’ emails on a regular basis to determine non-active users. Attempt to elaborate a campaign which may be interesting and engaging for your prospects and clients.


To prosper in an email marketing campaign, you need to take a lot of actions. It’s necessary to check email deliverability and sender score which enables you to make the most of your mailing. You should focus on the sender reputation to make your emails land into the inboxes of potential and loyal customers. Consider main components of reputation – IP, domain and content. If you hesitate about some stages of the campaign, it’s possible to get an email deliverability consulting from professionals.