The latest social media trends observed in 2019

The latest social media trends observed in 2019

Every year the trends observed across social media handles change, from one app and one feature to another. People using social media want something new, something exciting to keep them from getting bored. 

Brands can use this fact in their favor, by providing their audience with exactly what they are looking for. Making their content interesting by following the latest trends observed in the social media industry, will not only increase the interaction they have with their current audience by is also likely to attract more Instagram followers. It’s a great marketing strategy, and you can follow it, simply by being aware of the latest trends around you.

Some of the trends observed in 2019 so far are;

Designing your grid carefully:

An intricate trend observed, especially on Instagram, is the designing of the grid. Most brands decide on a theme and follow it for a specific period, season, or event. Some brands even use page breakers and split a picture into pictorials in multiples of three, all posted at the same time, making your feed look aesthetic. Another technique that brands use is that they post pictures of people or a specific signature product alternatively with other pictures following the same theme. You can visit the section of buying 50 Instagram Followers on or just click here to find some bright examples of brand and personal accounts followed by many – well-designed, popular and demanded.

Attracting the audience with silent videos:

Another new trend observed in 2019 is silent videos. These videos have no audio, rather subtitles, and people seem to like them. About 85% of the videos watched on Facebook now come with only subtitles, and Instagrammers and even Youtubers are adopting no audios and this trend. There are even apps available that you can use to caption your videos instead of having to type out those long scripts.

Make it classy by going vintage:

Filters have always been our most favorite trend. This year’s favorite filter or theme was vintage. People have been using different apps, applying filters to make their pictures look like something that came out of a beat-up film roll. Adding those little grains of sand, or a streak of lightning will help you in adding that aesthetic old film vibe to your pictures.  

The new culture of stories with animations:

This was by far the most observed trend in 2019. About 500 million people upload Instagram stories every day. Due to its high demand, other social media handles, including Facebook, Youtube, and even Spotify, have added in-app stories feature.

This trend of Instagram stories leads to something even more interesting, which is the animated stories. You can add different animation effects to your stories now to make them more interesting for the users. Apps like mojo automatically edit the stories and do the hard work for you.

So these were some of the new trends that we observed in 2019. Some old trends like filters, streaks, snaps are also currently in. You can learn more about these trends and then be able to use them to gain followers and increase outreach.

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