The Modern Press Release & What Has Changed?

The Modern Press Release & What Has Changed?

It’s 2018 and if you ever talk to people about a press release, you are going to get bombarded with so many questions like, is the press release still relevant in 2018? Most of the people think that press releases are outdated and old-schooled because now the internet has all the information they need.

According to NewswireNEXT, only a few people know about the true value of a press release, you see the internet might have all the answers to your questions but let’s face it, you cannot trust everything you see on the internet because people are free to change or modify the truth and no one is there to question them. Most of the content you see online is either fake or somehow it’s modified but when it comes to a press release, you cannot doubt on even a single word because it comes straight from the company or the industry.

In short, the one simple fact is that yes, press releases are pretty much alive and yes they are and they will be relevant even if in 2050.

There has been a little change in the term “press release” and now it’s known as “the modern press release” but the basics are yet the same. The same standardized formats are used, the contact information, the dates, the headlines, everything is the same, it’s just that the modern press releases come with new bells and whistles and they are much easier and faster for the readers to digest.

According to Ed Cal Media Agency, there are a few more things that you need to consider while writing a modern press release;

Be concise

Yes, you read it right, you have to keep the length of your press release short like you just have to keep it to 400 – 500 words and make sure that you are providing to the point details to your readers. You see, you have to understand the fact that people are now very busy and they don’t have enough time to read a dull or boring description about your company. People need to know the important facts and the main purpose why you sent them a press release so make sure you aren’t taking much of their time. Be precise with the information but make sure that your content is interesting.

Focus on the headlines

It’s nothing new and almost everyone will tell you that the headline of your news release matters a lot, it can actually make or break your PR so make sure you are investing some good time and effort in creating an attractive headline. The headlines and the subheads of your press release should have a forceful impact on the readers and the people should be forced to read all of what you’ve written in your publication.

Make the quotes sound real

Do include some quotes from the president or the owner of your company and make sure that you sound real. These quotes can actually add a lot of value to your press release and they give you an opportunity to expand your overall message.

These are the three major differences between the old press releases and the modern press releases. Just follow the rules and make sure that you are putting all your efforts in creating a newsworthy and valuable press release.