Theft Vandalism Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Theft Vandalism Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Returning home after a vacation or even a dinner, only to find your property damaged or theft of your valuables is a traumatic and emotional experience. Such a traumatic experience can leave a mark on your mind, and the sinking feeling in the pit of your guts seem to linger. It is not only the monetary loss but also the invasion of your privacy, which seem to bother you the most. And irrespective of the fact whether the loss or damage you suffered was minimal or a complete loss of your valuable and property damage, you have the right to claim your insurance against the same.

The loss of your sentiments due to the act of theft or vandalism can be detrimental, as you may not be able to replace it ever. And even though the victims of such crimes have insurance to cover them under their property insurance, many will agree that there are bound to be instances of disputes. If you are a victim of theft, vandalism or property damage, and feel that your insurance company have underpaid you or ultimately denied your claim to your insurance, you have the right to hire an insurance property damage attorney for help.

Before heading on further, you must understand the need for an insurance attorney.

Understanding the need for an Insurance Attorney

The language used to write the insurance policy terms and conditions is the legal language and industry-specific terms. The statutory language and the industry-specific terms make it hard for the ordinary layman to understand. And, this is where the best and experience insurance attorney come in, who are not only well versed with the legal language and industry-specific terms but have the requisite knowledge about how the insurance company policy works. 

It is essential to contact the authorities after such crimes, to support your claims to insurance. When you are the victim of someone targeting you and intentionally causing damage to your property, it is essential to know which claim to file for, with the insurance company. The difference between damage to your property or vandalism, theft and, burglary can make a difference in your insurance claim.

Vandalism or damages to your property

When someone purposely and willfully destroys your property or cause damage to the property, it is an act of vandalism. Vandalism includes spray paint on the exterior walls of your property, forcing the doors on your property open and breaking the window glass panes on your property. The intentional damage to your yard, cutting down of your trees in your yard, and deliberate destruction of other landscapes are also included in the act of vandalism.


When someone takes your belongings,  without your prior knowledge or someone takes possession of your belongings under false pretences, is an act of theft. For example, if you leave your bike unlocked on your patio and someone takes it without your knowledge and permission, it is an act of theft. Or, if your neighbours borrow your bike, and refuses to give it back, is also an act of theft. In both the scenarios, your property was wrongfully taken from your possession.


When some enters or is accessing your property, without your prior knowledge and permission, it is an act of burglary. One may gain access to your property by simply opening the door which you forgot to lock. The act of burglary does not include stealing of any valuables or causing any damage to your home or property. However, if someone commits the act of burglary, they may also cause damage inside your home like breaking of dishes, furniture and damaging other valuable assets, which is an act of vandalism. They may even steal useful items like your flat screen, jewellery, and other precious belongings which is of great value. The act of steal falls under theft.

Hence, knowing what insurance claims to claim for, will make a huge difference.

How to prevent house theft or vandalism on your property?

No doubt, you have each valuable insured along with your entire property, and with the best and the most experienced insurance attorney for your vandalism damageby your side, nothing can go wrong. But still, it is better to be safe than feel remorse later. If the unfortunate incident happens then, you know what to do, but as a precautionary measure, thee are a few tips and tricks you can follow to avoid being a target of such preposterous notion.

  • Avoid hiding any spare key on your property. If you know where to find your key, then anyone can get their hands on them.
  • Ensure that all your bushes and trees on your property are regularly trimmed. Make it a habit to check whether the trees and shrubs do not block any view from your door and windows on the property.
  • Install lock pads on every window of your house, through which anyone might quickly enter.
  • Ensure that your standard security measures are upkeep with security alarms systems, highly advanced deadbolt locks etc.
  • Always keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood. If you find someone with suspicious activity lurking around your house, report it immediately to the local authorities.
  • Ensure that the light and the motion sensors are away from easy reach to avoid tampering.
  • Ensure that your sliding glass doors have specialized padlocks on them, as it is easy to enter through sliding glass doors, in case if you have any on your property.

You should immediately inform the authorities, in case you find any act of burglary, theft, vandalism or damage on your property, as a majority of such cases have their bases on the police report filed, at the time of occurrence of the incident.

You must alert the authorities and note down every little damge on your property, including broken windows panes and damaged padlocks and deadbolts of the doors and windows. Most of the time, the insurance company does not believe that such a crime may have occurred and denies insurance. Under such circumstance, the police report serves as a very crucial proof.