Three Ways to Monitor Your Health at Home

Three Ways to Monitor Your Health at Home

Modern medicine, technology and overall better living conditions provide a stable ground for longer life expectancy – and is sure to improve in the years to come. Sadly enough, we will at the same time see a further rise in lifestyle diseases. Living longer does arguably not mean the same thing as living better.

So, what are some habits you should incorporate to make sure you are on the right track to a long and healthy life?

Waist Measurements

Measuring your waist circumference is an overall good indicator of how your lifestyle affects your health. On the contrary to what we grew up believing; where fat is located on the body says more about what is going on inside us than overall body fat and weight.

Fat accumulated around the waist is also fat surrounding our most valuable internal organs.

Food and Water

How we portion our meals has a big impact on our health. Current global guidelines strongly suggest that half of a serving by every meal should be greens and vegetables. Reaching this goal every day is in itself an indicator that your body gets varied and much needed nutrients.

In regards to hydration, it’s a myth that we should drink “8 glasses of water” every day. Every person’s needs vary greatly by gender, age, environment and activity level. Rather check to make sure your urine is closer to clear than a darker shade. A lighter color indicates healthy levels of hydration.

At-home Self-testing

We used to depend on visiting a doctor or other medical personnel to monitor and analyze our internal values. Our blood work reveals some of the strongest pointers of what is going on in our bodies, how our bodies react to what we eat and drink, and how we live our lives.

As lucky as we are, there are in our day and age several providers of unique self-test kits. All you do is (painlessly) draw a few drops of blood, send them off by mail – and you receive a full analysis and feedback online.

Easy, fast – and of course a proactive step in maintaining good health.