Tiffany Gaines is Changing the Way We View the Entertainment Industry

Tiffany Gaines is Changing the Way We View the Entertainment Industry

Many people want to change the world by giving it something new and innovative so that others may live more freely and comfortably. Tiffany Gaines is one of those individuals using her purpose to make what most only wish they could do… actually possible.

She currently sits as the CEO and founder of SS Global Entertainment, which has earned the reputation of servicing musicians, producers, managers, label owners, entrepreneurs and small businesses for nearly 15 years. While the company’s client base has grown to over 4000 and 47 record labels, SS Global Entertainment continues to make way for newcomers in the industry to help increase potential growth and progress of their brands and likeness.

The organization has one main goal; to provide instruction, support and proper guidance taught exclusively by Gaines herself. This entire process allows creators and owners to explore and express themselves deeper and more strategically in ways that many didn’t even know existed.

Tiffany Gaines graduated from the University of California, Riverside obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Law & Society. Since then, she has proved herself as a professional businesswoman and successful entrepreneur. In addition to distribution, Gaines also serves as either the publicist or business manager of such clients as; DPG’s official DJ Cell, Amazon’s best-seller, Freeway Rick Ross, national recording and Billboard charting artist Stevie Stone of Strange Music just to name a few.

As if that weren’t already enough hats to wear, Tiffany Gaines didn’t stop there. She also serves as the COO of Amada Records, the CEO of LRT Entertainment and the Founder of SS Music Group.

Besides her day to day tasks, Gaines also finds time to work on her passion outside of the entertainment industry. She is also an advocate speaker for the youth, a supporter of non-profit organizations that cater to financial literacy as well as support for the mental health of Veterans. Ultimately as an individual, as an organizer and as CEO, COO, and so much more…the one thing one can confirm she continues to do is thrive. Her determination and ambition both have given her the life she continues to lead and one can only hope they too can live a life as accomplished as hers.