Tips on Choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Those who are looking to invest in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin should start with a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto exchanges are platforms that allow you to trade, sell or buy cryptocurrencies. Not all exchanges are alike, and here are some tips so you can land on the right one.

Has to Have Updated Technology

Cryptocurrency trading platform reviews often extol the value of security, and they’re right. For starters, a crypto exchange must have HTTPS connections and added tech security measures such as two-factor authentication.

Digging down deeper, they must have options for cold storage, or offline deposits. You can read up on the programs they use, which must have email or SMS alerts and 24/7 monitoring.

Absolute Transparency

A good cryptocurrency exchange will have honest information about its team, owner and headquarters for its customers.

In the case of a cold storage option, they will have an address or audit information for offline reserves.

Sites such as will always tell you to invest in exchanges that are fully legal and legit. It’s recommended that crypto asset owners use exchanges that are in the same country as them to align with regulatory changes.

Before signing up, check and see if the exchange supports outside countries and which ones. The legal aspect can even extend to funds insurance- in the event its customers lose their funds it could be reimbursed to a degree.


Security should still be your top concern when it comes to picking the right crypto exchange. You will want to feel secure whenever you’re exchanging money for Bitcoin, for instance or when you’re investing in a new crypto as per this Tellor review.

All aspects of the exchange should be secure from start to finish. It’s a good idea to browse through review sites and see what other people think before diving in.