Tips on how to benefit from SMS marketing

Tips on how to benefit from SMS marketing

The success of your marketing campaign depends on the strategy you choose, which should be perfectly suitable for your brand. Now the most popular tool is SMS marketing. To measure how effective your promotion methods are, you should examine your mobile marketing KPIs. These indicators are defined before the launch of an advertising campaign, so that you can gradually track the performance at the promotion stages.

By choosing the best strategies to increase SMS ROI, you will be able to increase the company’s revenue. First, you should try to run a test version of a newsletter for distribution. See how catchy the content is, how many customers followed the link for further interaction with the brand.

If an advertising campaign shows a good result, all you need to do is improve it, adding new information for customers. You need to interest users in a few seconds, which they will spend on reading your SMS.

Paint a picture of your target customer

SMS marketing is aimed at attracting new users or retaining regular customers. To choose the right strategies and define the SMS performance indicators, focus on the target audience. You need to know what user problems your product or service solves. When the main “pains” are identified, you can start drawing up a portrait of a client who has them.

Determine the location of your potential audience. Find out for people of what social status your product is intended. List their approximate age, interests, and other features that will help you get the right text for your messages. You don’t have to manually send each message to a new client – use an online text message sender.

The value of your offer will be higher if you identify the risks and try to avoid them. Customers need to be sure that your brand will help them, not harm. In this case, you will notice an increase in the brand loyalty and the growth of the target audience.

Define your key performance indicators (KPIs)

The main indicators to consider:

  • number of users in the contact list;
  • conversion rate;
  • effectiveness of the call to action;
  • keywords;
  • time to reply to a message.

If your subscribers read every newsletter and take targeted actions, the effectiveness of SMS KPIs are at the high level. Track how many people unsubscribe and how many new customers provide their data to receive your messages. This will help you understand if your SMS are interesting to potential buyers.

Many marketers try to include a call to action in their messages. Its goal is to motivate users to visit the official website, make a purchase or register on a portal. The more customers get to the platform using the button from the message, the higher the SMS marketing ROI is.

Determine the key phrase that is the incentive for targeted actions. Try several newsletter options and you will see which message is more interesting to your users.

An equally important part of the campaign is the customer feedback. If customers received a message sent using bulk SMS software and asked a question, you need to answer it as soon as possible. There is no more than 24 hours for this. The customers won’t wait any longer, they will choose another brand that is more interested in communicating with its clients.

Measure the performance of your ad campaign regularly. You can quickly change the text for the message or edit it and add new elements to interest the target audience.