Tips to Improve Gaming Performance on an iPhone

Tips to Improve Gaming Performance on an iPhone

The iPhone is a premium smartphone but it’s not really known for its gaming prowess. However, it’s perfectly serviceable for most games as long as you know how to optimize.

Here are 5 tips on how to speed up your iPhone for gaming.

Free Up Storage

Freeing up space on your iPhone is free and can mean the difference between lag and a smooth gameplay.

To begin, take stock of the apps you have and delete the ones you’re not using. Then, do the same for your photos and videos. You can back up the contents to a computer as well.

Turn Off Location Services

Apps that use GPS consume a lot of hardware resources, and leaving them in the background can make gameplay suffer. When playing casino games on your iPhone at a reputable site such as บาคาร่า 77, make sure to disable GPS and apps that use them in the background.

Lower Graphics in Settings

Most of the graphic-intensive games will have an in-app setting so it could be played on lower-end machines.

If you find your iPhone struggling and have removed all background apps, you may want to tone down the settings a little. Also, go to your iPhone’s Settings section and tick the box that says ‘Reduce Motion’.

Update Your iPhone

You should always check to see if your iPhone is on the latest software version. Go to General, then Software Update and allow the smartphone to complete the process.

Do the same with the game- check the App Store and see if there’s an update. Allow it to finish and you’ll have a speedier iPhone and game with all issues fixed.

Charge It Up

Lastly, you wouldn’t want to be in the thick of the action and have your iPhone die on you. To prevent this gaming catastrophe you’ll want to charge your iPhone up beforehand.