Tips to Improve PPC Performance

Tips to Improve PPC Performance

PPC, or pay per click advertising can net you huge profits and put your brand up front and center to people who are looking for it.

Hiring PPC management services ensure that you can reap significant ROI instead of losses. You can improve the performance of your digital ads using these 4 techniques.

Update to Video

Consider which is better for your PPC campaign- text or video? If you need additional engaging properties that can really catch the eye of your audiences, then video is the way to go.

When crafting a video for PPC purposes, make it short and impactful like a commercial. This makes the viewer sit up and take notice and will want to go to your website to purchase your product.

Add Voice Search Optimization

Believe it or not, you can incorporate voice search optimization in PPC and SEO. If you feel like your campaigns and website need help, hire professional SEO services for the best results.

One way to optimize for voice is to change or add keywords that are commonly used in searches. Instead of short and rigid words, you use natural language and include question-type phrases and an FAQ section, for example.

Think Mobile

Before, pay per click campaigns were mostly viewed on laptops and computers, but if you’d do this now you’ll miss out on people who browse and buy products using their smartphones.

You’ll want your ads to be viewed correctly when on a mobile screen and on Facebook and other social media sites. To do this you can get the help of a Facebook advertising agency who can maximize each ad.

Throw Remarketing in the Mix

Sometimes all your visitors need is a push in the right direction. With retargeting techniques you can get a second chance in the form of free content, discounts and promotions to encourage them to buy what you’re offering.