Tips & Tricks for Playing iPhone & iPad Games

Tips & Tricks for Playing iPhone & iPad Games

iOS devices have a history of being powerful enough to handle a wide variety of games, from casual titles to triple-A games on the Apple Arcade.

Here are a few tips and tricks so you can enjoy your time on your iPad or iPhone.

Lock the Screen Orientation

Most of the time you’ll be playing games on your iOS device while sitting down on the couch or lying in bed. There will be movement and sometimes the screen will flip and distract you from what’s going on.

To fix this, just go to the screen orientation settings and choose to lock it in your preferred display.

Turn Up the Brightness

Video game graphics are to be appreciated, and you wouldn’t want to be squinting your eyes just because the display is too dim.

This holds true especially in outdoor situations where you have to deal with glare. While playing, turn up the brightness to a comfortable level so you can see properly.

Don’t Forget the Sounds

A video game is more than just its fancy graphics- to truly enjoy and immerse yourself to it you’ll want to listen to the music and audio cues, such as effects and others.

You can turn up the volume or invest in a pair of good headphones so you can hear every shot, slash or ding while playing your favorite games. This applies to casino games such as Lotto SSGAME350 as well.

Take a Break Regularly

iPad and iPhone gaming is great and all, but even professional gamers need a rest every now and then.

Set a timer so you take a 15 minute break every hour, and during this time get up off the couch or bed then walk around and rest your eyes. You can drink a glass of water or eat a snack so you’re re-energized.