Top 5 Means of Employee Control

Top 5 Means of Employee Control

Employee monitoring devices have become widely acceptable as a means to keep track of your employees’ work. Depending on your business and what you want to accomplish, there are a few ways you can monitor your employees. In this article, let’s see which are the most popular ones and why are they beneficial for your business and your employees.

Time Tracking

Time tracking has become incredibly useful for virtually any business. Not only do these tools help you be more organized and finish your work on time, but they also help you monitor your workers’ time. With them, you can uncloak them if they’ve been working unproductively and spending too much time on Instagram.

Nowadays, only a few companies are still using  a piece of paper and pencil or time sheets to track time. That’s so 20th century. Hours worked tracker app is what’s commonly used. It basically tracks the time your employees spend on different tasks and activities just with the click of one button. How convenient! Such a software works independently and at the end of each day or month, it gives you a detailed visual report of how a specific employee arranged their work time.

When you receive this information, you can proceed as you wish. Either reward your employees for a job well done or let them know they aren’t productive enough. All with the help of time clock desktop app.

Surveillance Systems

When you say employee control, surveillance systems are probably the first thing that pops to mind. And how wouldn’t they be? Just look at all spy movies where you have insanely complicated surveillance systems with tons of cameras and motion sensors guarding the bank vaults.

Having said that, surveillance systems like CCTV are actually more often used as a security measure than an employee monitoring tool. It turns out such systems prevent 80% of theft, violence or sabotage in the company. And even though it isn’t used as an employee monitoring tool it can definitely be beneficial for your business.

I think we all agree that you should always have a few cameras laying around, just in case, not to mention that in come countries, video surveillance is a must.

Employee Monitoring Software

Probably most popular on this list, employee monitoring software has found its place in the modern world. It’s probably the best way of employee control tool out there. With the help of staff monitor software you can easily see what are your employees spending their time on and whether they are working productively or not.

Apart from the well known employee monitoring aspects, such software also comes with some extra features. We’re talking about screenshot capture if you want to check your employees screen occasionally, the sites they visit and the ability to label webpages and apps – productive, unproductive or neutral.

What also needs to be mentioned is that tracking software for computer often comes with time tracking tool integrated. They make a powerful mix which can boost the overall productivity of your employees drastically.

Email Monitoring

The one rule about e-mails is that you mustn’t use your work emails for personal matters. Many companies have an IT team which is authorized to control their employees work emails.

Majority of companies also filter emails before they reach the inbox of anyone in the business. The postulate behind this is that you never know if there’s a virus attached. The idea of checking emails occasionally proves it’s point but you should be aware that sometimes an email could be seen as spam even if it isn’t.

Network Monitoring

The last but not least on this list: network monitoring. Network user monitoring software is also a common way to conduct employee control.

Computer network monitoring is used to track the traffic that comes and goes from the company’s network. Companies usually use a firewall that scans all the content that’s been used on the network.

Simply, these programs filter all the data on the network and can block malicious attacks or viruses. Additionally, depending on the software, you can even see who’s downloading what and who’s accessing specific files.


To sum up, it’s very important to monitor your employees. If not for other reasons, then just so you can be sure everyone is behaving according to company’s rules and that there isn’t excessive slacking. As you can see, there are numerous ways to do it, so the choice is yours.