Top Aerobics Moves To Go With Whole-Body Vibration Training

Top Aerobics Moves To Go With Whole-Body Vibration Training

For those who want to exercise with a vibrating exercise machine, there’s one thing you should know. There is a big distinction between whole-body vibration training and whole-body vibration therapy. The former is a more strenuous exercise wherein one makes use of the vibration machine in his/her fitness regime. The latter, on the other hand, is mainly used for recovery. Though it’s easy to mistake the two, and both do procure the same healthy results. Whole-body vibration training just requires a tad more effort. It’s a sort of “no pain, no gain” type exercise even though using a vibrating exercise machine isn’t painful at all.

Part of what separates whole-body vibration training to therapy is the involvement of aerobics. You can do all sorts of aerobic moves on the vibration plate and when you do, you’re already doing whole-body vibration training on it. But which are the best ones to do? Here are a few suggestions:

Wide Stance

            Whole-body vibration therapy is simply sitting or standing on a vibrating exercise machine. You do practically nothing while the vibrations work their magic on you. However, when you’re not really just standing but actually doing a wide stance on the machine, this is when it becomes whole-body vibration training. Doing a wide stance isn’t just standing around, it’s a conscious position that required you to stay within an upheld position for a long period of time. It also, in many ways, improves your posture too.


            Arguably one of the most classic aerobics moves, doing lunges on a vibrating exercise machine does two things. First is it teaches you to get in rhythm with a machine. A vibration machine is essentially a moving surface. If you simply do a lunge on it, chances are you’ll fall flat on your face. But when you get into the rhythm of the vibrations you can avoid such accidents! Secondly, lunges also help strengthen your leg muscles, very similarly to whole-body vibration therapy too!


            Now that you’ve gotten your feet in rhythm with the machine, it’s time for your arms too. Doing push-ups on a concrete floor is easy peasy. It’s all a matter of lifting yourself up on a still surface. But try doing that on a vibrating exercise machine and it gets a lot more complicated. But also, it gets a lot more fun too. And at the end of it, you might even procure double the results in no time. Challenge accepted!


            While you’re at it, do pull-ups on the vibrating plate as well. One of two of the most well-known and arguably the easiest of aerobic moves, pull-ups can do a little tweaking. Imagine how many abs you’ll get when you pair it with whole-body vibration training! Instead of a four-pack, you might just end up with an eight-pack! But seriously speaking, there’s nothing wrong with making the simplest of aerobic exercise more challenging with a vibration machine. It might even work better for you!

Calf Raise

            When getting into the rhythm of your vibrating exercise machine, you’re also improving your balance. Because without it, you won’t be able to do any of the aerobics moves at all. Not even the simplest wide stance. So in many ways, the exercises, as well as the machine, can also work to improve your balance. And there’s just the aerobic move to do that: the calf raise. When you raise your calf for a long period of time, you’re actually teaching yourself how to balance on a moving surface.

Shoulder Lift

            Can you lift yourself up with just working on your shoulders? Kind of like a push-up but the other way around? If you can, you’re actually doing the shoulder lift, another great aerobic move to pair your whole-body vibration training with. More than just your balance, you’re actually allowing your body to get used to your strength. Carrying yourself despite your hands resting on a vibrating exercise machine, you’re practically carrying your whole weight on your two palms.

Quad Stretch

            Remember, one of the best effects of whole-body vibration training is getting a more flexible body. And you can better ensure you’ll get this benefit if you do some quad stretched while on the vibration plate. Arguably, your quads are some of the lest flexible parts of your body. They’re not exactly your arms, which are probably the first body parts you stretch when you wake up. Quads require their own stretching, which has since become an aerobics move. One that works well with whole-body vibration training.

Soft Squat

            There’s improving the flexibility of your quads, and then there’s strengthening them. For the latter, begin with soft squats when you first take on whole-body vibration training. This way, the tensions in that part of your body might slowly but surely fade away. You’re essentially relaxing them, and when they’re soothed, they become stronger and mighter. With each soft squat, your legs are becoming more and more tones. By the end of it, they’ll probably end up looking the best in your physique.

Deep Squats

            Now if you really want to strengthen those quads, do deep squats. On a vibrating exercise machine, squat as deep as you can to really get your muscles going. Sure, they might not end up as relaxed as you want, but surely enough, there’ll be fewer tensions there. As opposed to when you’re lifting weights, for instance. At least, with whole-body vibration therapy, your quads don’t have to suffer all the much to get stronger and more toned!


            Imagine planking on a vibrating exercise machine. Imagine trying to keep completely still in a horizontal position with a moving surface under either your hands, elbows, or toes. It’s really difficult, isn’t it? Well, this is the sort of fitness you get when you combine planking with whole-body vibration training. You’re actually teaching your body to be more disciplined. To further push on with achieving your position despite the moving surface. Once you master this, the sky’s the limit for your fitness!

            Whole-body vibration training can be a mix of aerobics moves and staying on a vibration machine for as long as possible. These moves might prove ost effective, but if you discover others that can work just as well, go for them. Get creative and courageous with your fitness!