Top trends in the gaming industry

Top trends in the gaming industry

In 2020, the gaming industry boomed and rose to all-time heights, with people turning to their mobile phones and gaming consoles, and casino games like baccarat online to pass the time.

2021 will be more like the same but different in certain trend aspects. Here are 4 things you’re likely to experience this year:

Cloud Gaming Becomes Mainstream

Cloud gaming is a form of gaming that makes use of current technology. Here, you won’t need to invest in expensive hardware- the heavy lifting is done by the company and sent straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

All you need is a compatible game controller and a subscription to play even the most graphically demanding games. Keep in mind though, that bandwidth requirements are understandably high so you can enjoy lag-free gameplay.

Currently, there’s Google Stadia, Playstation Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming, with more to come.

VR Becomes Better

Playing in a VR world is interesting to say the least. Instead of looking passively at a monitor or screen you’re thrust into its virtual reality world, with tangible elements adding to the novelty.

VR is a technology that’s quickly maturing. There are now headsets that can deliver HD quality and frame rates that won’t make you dizzy. Graphics are going upwards too as more powerful chips are being developed.

5G Powers Mobile Gaming

5G is a significant leap from 4G in that experts say it could replace your home wifi connection someday.

With low latency transmission and high speed data, 5G can make lag a thing of the past. Also, imagine bringing wi-fi internet quality anywhere there’s a 5G network and the possibilities are staggering.

Killer Mobile Game Graphics

A constant trend in gaming is better resolution and graphics. Developers and chip companies are pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge processing. Soon, we’ll be able to enjoy 4K or VR gaming without having to spend a fortune for it.