Types of Social Games

Types of Social Games

Social games are games that require or mostly operate on social interaction between players. It’s the opposite of games that can be played alone.

Social games are roughly divided into three parts- video games, face to face games and tabletop games.

Video Games

Currently, videogames are the most popular type of social games, with multiplayer, massively multiplayer, mobile and social network games leading the way.

Betting games like คาสิโนออนไลน์ SA GAMING may be included in social videogames since it incorporates interactions between players. In a multiplayer environment, a player shares space with other participants and they exist in the digital realm simultaneously.

Almost all mobile games nowadays have a kind of social element to it, whether competing for global leaderboards, chat boxes, guilds and raids, among others. It keeps the game fresh and exciting since it’s hard to predict what a human would do instead of a pre-programmed AI.

Face to Face Social Games

Face to face games usually do not require electronic devices and hark back to decades ago.

These games can involve traditional board, paper and cards as the medium and imagination. Parlor games may include charades, or live action roleplaying games where the environment is the real world.

Several games of chance can also be classified under face to face social games. A dice, coin or similar item is used to determine who wins and who loses.

Tabletop Games

These are games that are played atop a table, hence the nickname. Card games, board games and tabletop RPGs all belong to this type of social game.

Some board games only need two players but it’s a generally accepted rule that the more, the better. Physical elements can range from mini figurines to specialized 3D items and dice.

Card games such as poker, go fish and similar are considered social games and require more than one player.