Users are facing security issues due to large LinkedIn loophole


To begin with, people have come across the job opening for Mashable with the title “Assistant to Matt Binder”. In this context, the company has claimed that it is not hiring at the moment. According to the Mashable human resource department, the hiring is not being done, and the company has not posted any such information. Therefore, they also claim that the vacancy which has been mentioned does not exist.

The question arises about the job vacancy being visible on the official website of the company.

Furthermore, reports have revealed that a person named Michel Rijnders who is situated in the Netherlands has no connection with the company, but is responsible for posting the Ad.

To talk in detail, this fellow has established a very basic feature that is related to LinkedIn. This feature enables any person to post a job opening that looks original. This can be posted on any LinkedIn business page for which the company is registered.

Rijnders has been working in this field for a long time. Earlier, he had posted jobs for a new Chief Executive Officer for Google and LinkedIn. For this act, he did not have any authority. The listings were fake but appeared on the job posting site of both Google and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn usually charges for posting any job vacancy, however, this fellow said that he as a subscriber of LinkedIn could post jobs for free.

This crime had been committed by him earlier to whom he said that the sites were now disabled. But this recent job posting for Mashable got him in limelight once again.

The best part is that LinkedIn has come to know about the issue. The security team has detected the same and necessary measures are expected to be taken as soon as possible.