Wealth Coach Derek Moneyberg On Why Winners Choose Mentors

Wealth Coach Derek Moneyberg On Why Winners Choose Mentors

Do I need a mentor? How valuable is mentorship to my career and business growth? Will I fail if I don’t have a mentor? These are some of the questions that people ask whenever mentorship is brought up. The right mentor, according to Wealth Coach Derek Moneyberg, can elevate you and your business to reach newer heights and help you achieve higher goals. 

Derek is an entrepreneur and wealth coach who has built a reputation as a mentor who takes the tough-love approach that is necessary for success in life and business. His entry into coaching was not out of desperation for money; he started coaching and mentoring people when he was already successful in his life as an entrepreneur in real estate and the stock market. His friends noticed his ability to identify money-making opportunities and manage money well, and one of them invited him to the board of advisers for his self-help company. Derek’s insights helped increase the company’s revenue to eight figures.

This marked his entry into mentorship, as more people approached him for financial advice and insights. This led him to establish his own coaching company, Moneyberg.com, where he works with clients to help them succeed in their lives and businesses too. Having seen his clients obtain elite levels of success, Derek believes that anyone who wants to win should have a mentor.

A mentor will help you see where you need to improve.                                                                              

We often don’t notice that we are struggling until someone else notices and points it out to us. Winners know that they often cannot tell if they have a problem; therefore, having a mentor who can notice when they are slacking is necessary for success. A good mentor will work on your strengths and weaknesses over time and can help you become the best version of yourself. 

“A good mentor should not be afraid of telling you that you need to improve and pointing out the areas that you need to improve in,” says Derek. “They should have a tough-love, no-nonsense approach where they point out problem areas without sugar-coating anything.”

Mentors stimulate your growth.

“A good mentor will give you the opportunity to create yourself,” believes Derek.

As a mentor and coach, he does not build you to be a mirror image of himself; instead, he gives you the opportunity to figure out things for yourself in order to stimulate your growth. A good mentor will not solve all your problems – instead, they will let you figure out the solutions for yourself then sit down with you to analyze all the potential solutions. This will develop your critical thinking skills as well as improve your confidence in solving problems on your own.

Mentors broaden your professional network.

Mentors tend to be well-connected in different industries, and having one can be the difference between getting to know important people in your business line or not knowing anyone. A good mentor can introduce you to people in their professional network who will guide you in your entrepreneurship journey.

Mentors offer encouragement

There are times when you may feel like giving up and quitting, but mentors are always there, no matter what, to push you on and encourage you not to give up. They provide the necessary guidance and encouragement that gives you hope and confidence that you can succeed.

While some people opt to live their lives without mentors, Derek Moneyberg recommends anyone who wants to be a winner to get a mentor for guidance.