What are the main dirt on carpets and rugs?

What are the main dirt on carpets and rugs?

Target of dirty street shoes, animal hair and dust, it is very difficult for a rug to be unscathed from the small daily wear and tear. Soon it gets grimy, gets stains, flaws that seem incorrigible.

A little juice spilled in a careless moment has consequences of astronomical proportions. It is not enough to use a cloth with disinfectant. Drinks and food are quickly absorbed by the fabric’s porosity, which becomes the preferred home for mites and bacteria.

Let those who have never looked at the rug or the carpet at home with apprehension throw stone, wondering, in silence, how much dirt is hidden inside. Find the answer to that question now and learn how to prevent the accumulation of these frightening residues.

Attention to the invisible enemy

It’s not because we don’t see that the dirt isn’t there. A rug can be the preferred home for mites, a source of allergy for the most sensitive.

So small that it is practically impossible to detect them with the naked eye, the mites are attracted by the offer of shelter, protection and food. A single rug or carpet can contain an entire colony of them. But don’t be scared: some measures can inhibit the proliferation of these microorganisms in your home.

Mites tend to look for damp places with low light. So keep doors and windows open whenever; the airier the room, the better. Avoid eating meals on rugs and, if you find it necessary, even use an air dehumidifier.

Finally, wash the rugs regularly, preferably with some anti-mite product, always making sure that the product is not incompatible with the type of fabric that makes up your rug. If you need it, don’t hesitate to call in an expert.

What about animal hair?

Anyone with a dog or cat knows how difficult it is to keep them away from the rugs. That smooth surface just seems irresistible to the pets’ eyes; and why not let them enjoy it all?

The cleaning secret comes later: Protected with rubber gloves, moisten the surface and scrub the most critical part of the rug, where hair accumulates more often. Clothes brushes are also excellent allies in hair removal. Reserve one just for that.

Take the vacuum cleaner out of the back of the closet

To get rid of this sneaky enemy, the dust, there’s not much secret. A vacuum cleaner does the job quickly. It is the best option for those who want to get rid of the particles that so insist on accumulating with agility and practicality.

How often you should use it varies greatly. It depends on the flow of people, the type of fabric, the degree of exposure to food and drink:

Carpets require more intensive and routine cleaning: daily or on alternate dates. For carpets, the interval between vacuums can be longer: once a week is enough to properly sanitize it.

Also remember to change the dust bag that comes with the appliance: the appliance’s performance may decrease if the bag is full. Consult the instruction manual to find out how often you should replace it.

Outside shoes

Leaving your shoes in the lobby is another great option for those who want to keep their rugs and carpets cleaner. This simple habit prevents dirt from reaching the inside of the house and, consequently, building up on the rug and causing damage. The mites, dust, food debris and hair that hide between the carpet threads are certainly terrifying, especially for those who are allergic. It’s not that difficult to get rid of them though, and you can always count on carpet cleaning contractors to do it for you.