What Is E-Sports And How Will It Affect the Gaming Industry

What Is E-Sports And How Will It Affect the Gaming Industry

If you follow sports, you will have seen a new type of sports that has been gaining a lot of popularity across the world. That sport is the E-sport and ever since the games like Dota-2 among others are being produced the E-sport game category has been taken into the spotlight. E-sport is a type of sport that uses video games for competition. These competitions are often in the form of multiplayer video game competitions and many teams, players, and individuals participate in those games each for their own reasons.

Although E-sports have only recently gained popularity and international audience, you might find it strange that video game competitions have been played since 1972. The first-ever video game competition was held on October 19, 1972, at Stanford University for the game of Space wars. And since then, video game competitions have constantly being played at different stages across the world but most of these competitions were only between amateur individuals and teams. This all changed in the year 2000 when professional players and live streaming of these events saw a significant amount of popularity. Following that, today we are going to be discussing how E-sport has and will affect the gaming industry, so let’s get started.

The Positive Effect of E-Sports on Companies

It is an obvious fact that gamers have been around since the launch of the first game, these gamers need quite a bit of equipment to play these games at home let alone professionally. So keeping that in mind, almost every industry that deals with products related to gaming have seen a significant amount of increase in sales since the popularity of E-sports rose. Not only the product industry, companies that made the games itself also saw an increase in sales because more and more people started to buy and play these games because they were inspired by it.

Another sector that saw an effect of the E-sport was the betting industry because websites like Bet365 now had a new platform on which their users could bet on. And speaking of equipment the companies that made computers and their accessories also had an increase in sales because quite simply the gamers need computers to play their games.

The Adverse Effect of E-Sports on Companies

The only adverse effect that E-sports had on companies is that now they had to create new and exciting products for their clients because now new companies are being formed every day to provide that what veteran companies were not able to provide before. Another reason was that the number of consumers where increasing day by day and since each of them required different things it has become hard for companies to cope with the demand of the consumers.

Effect of E-Sports on People

Ever since E-sport has gained popularity in the world more and more people are being attracted by it, also people that weren’t good at many things except gaming saw this as a ray of hope that they can also make a living being a professional player. Since the rise of E-sport popularity. The gaming industry has increased its revenue and has now become a multi-billion dollar industry supporting the dreams of many all around the world. As of today more and more people are coming into the light and making a name and income for themselves by professionally playing games in various competitions around the world.

Rounding It Up

The E-sports industry is a beacon of hope for many people and it is becoming a cash cow for many other companies and players. Also, the betting industry has seen an increase in e-sport betting, and websites like stave.myprobet.com are enabling their customers to it. Everything written about this article represents only our personal opinions.