What is it like to live without borders?

Border photo

The idea of demarcating the boundaries is not recent. The trend is as old as 7000-8000 BCE when the people started living in the tribal form. So, it’s been persisting for centuries.

The purpose of defining the territory was to protect the honor, resources, and sovereignty of the tribe. It started with good intentions, but in subsequent years, the borders established to protect the people became the root cause of violence and conflict between the groups. 

In the recent era, the borders’ situation is heart rendering. With every passing moment, the clashes at the borders are intensifying, pushing more and more precious lives into the blind alley of death. According to Afghan officials, the conflict at the Kandahar border between Pakistan and Afghanistan killed 15 Afghan civilians in recent years. Apart from this, the facts reflected by Jammu and Kashmir Coalition report are far more depressing. According to the report, disputes between India and Pakistan over Kashmir killed 4427 people between 2008 to 2019.

Instead of protecting lives, these borders started engulfing them. The border derived miseries made people think, what would be it like to live without borders?

There is no doubt that life without the borders and the demarcations would be more pleasant and peaceful. If there were no borders, people would be free to cross any land on Earth without any restrictions and obligations. This would alleviate the fiscal challenges, too, as individuals from underdeveloped parts migrate to the prosperous lands. People would be a lot happier as the resources utilized on maintaining the boundaries would be spent on social uplifting. The people would thrive; consequently, society would thrive.

Unfortunately, today we cannot achieve these dreams because the borders stand in our way. They are the major barriers to achieve the peace and harmony that we desire.#NoBordersNoPolitics needs to be achieved to attain global peace and harmony.