What Smartphone Features are Important for Gaming?

What Smartphone Features are Important for Gaming?

Every day there are new smartphones being launched both by big-name and small-time brands alike. However, online gamers and heavy users will want to make the most of their upgrade and therefore will need to carefully choose which ones they buy.

When considering buying a new gaming smartphone, here are 4 important features you should include in your decision.

Operating System

Gamers will have two choices in the OS niche- Android or iOS. As simple as it may sound there’s quite a notable difference between the two. For instance, Apple Arcade is only on iOS while Android has an open system and it’s much easier to sideload apps and games.

For some, it’s a matter of preference- which OS are you comfortable using, and are you using other Android or Apple devices? Compatibility with gaming hardware, such as a PS4 controller and others is also something to think about.

Battery and Charging Time

A gaming smartphone is only as good as its charging technology and battery. Thankfully, most newly-launched mobiles allow you to spend more time on SSGAME350 without having to look for a charger and a wall socket.

The higher the battery capacity, the better. It’s the same as with charging rate- look for fast-charging technology with higher watts as they can fill up your smartphone battery faster.


Smartphones are getting to the point that they rival traditional tablets in terms of screen size, and that’s not a bad thing.

Incidentally, you’ll want as much real estate as possible so you can see all the action going on and without having to squint. Bonuses include a higher refresh rate (somewhere around 90Hz or 120Hz) and if it’s an AMOLED or OLED material.


Lastly, you will want to stay within the range of your budget. Overspending means you won’t be able to get additional accessories, such as a gaming headset or game controller. The good news is that there’s a range of gaming phone products from budget offerings to premium flagship devices.