What to Offer a Memorable Birthday Gift? Choose Flowers to Match one’s Personality

What to offer a memorable birthday gift? Choose flowers to match one's personality

Flowers are an important part of social customs that have been present since ancient times. You can see why flowers have always been something humans find beautiful, as they appear in almost every era and in plenty of arts, like literature, painting and movies. Flowers have been used as a celebration since ancient Greece or Rome, and represent the same even nowadays.

Flowers are perfect for anyone’s birthday, be they a family member or a close friend, as they will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Finding the right gift for someone we love is usually challenging, as we spend endless hours trying to come up with something original that we think will be liked (which, in many cases, isn’t). But isn’t it better to offer something that will surely be appreciated, like flowers? At the end of the day, it is the thought that matters and flowers are indeed a wonderful birthday present.

So, let’s find out why flowers are an amazing gift and what types can match the receiver’s personality.

Why should you offer flowers as birthday gifts?

The most important reason why people give flowers on birthdays is because they symbolize elegance and simplicity. There are endless flowers from which to choose one for a loved person, as each is unique and has a sweet fragrance or a distinct and vibrant color that will brighten up the day of anyone. Plus, flowers are the best example of proving that gift-giving is more about expressing love or gratitude towards someone than just the present itself. In all cases, the gesture should matter more than the gift, and flowers prove this point. Plus, flowers add a feeling to the gift and bring positive emotions.

You should also look at the meaning of flowers, as everyone has a different one. For example, if you are looking for a gift for a friend, you should pick sunflowers, yellow roses or sweet peas, as they express loyalty and friendship.

You can even personalize your bouquet and choose flowers that match the receiver’s personality. Your bouquet can also contain an elegant ribbon and a heartfelt message to make the gift even more special. 

The best flowers for different types of personalities

There is always a flower that can match one’s personality, as flowers are more than just a pretty decoration. But do you know what a flower says about you? Keep reading to find out the personality traits that can be found in flowers.

Rose for romantic and passionate personalities

Roses are classical flowers often associated with love and passion, which is why they are the most popular option for Valentine’s Day or other romantic celebrations. But roses can also symbolize a specific type of personality, the passionate and romantic one. The colors of the roses can express different emotions. For example, red is associated with love, yellow with friendship, pink with gratitude and white with purity.

Roses are the perfect gift for someone passionate, romantic at heart and a little bit perfectionist.

Orchid for elegant and refined personalities

Orchids are known for their exotic beauty and delicate blooms, making them perfect for those with elegant and refined personalities. Orchids have been admired and cultivated for centuries for their extraordinary look and were associated, in many cases, with luxury, wealth and sophistication.

Also, this flower had different symbolism over the years and in many cultures. For example, in the traditional Chinese culture, they represented nobility, elegance and purity, while in ancient Greece, they had connotations of virility and fertility.

The color of the orchids also says something else about the receiver’s personality. For instance, pink orchids represent grace, joy, and femininity, white ones purity, innocence and spiritual growth, while purple orchids represent opulence, luxury and royalty.

Daisy for optimistic and lighthearted personalities

Daisies are simple and cheerful and express purity, optimism and innocence. Because they symbolize new beginnings, they are popular for spring bouquets. The personalities associated with these flowers are the ones that have a lighthearted and optimistic outlook on life. They have a positive attitude, which is why, in many cases, they can be described as energetic and bubbly. Also, they are very friendly and approachable and have a natural ability to make others feel good and comfortable around them. Daisies are the best flowers for those who find joy in the smallest things and have a contagious happiness they spread around all those near them.

Iris for the creative and artistic personalities

Iris is an elegant and unique flower that has a distinct color and shape, and it is a symbol of creativity, wisdom and royalty. Iris is the best flower for those with an artistic and creative personality who express themselves through music, painting or writing. The shape of the flower and intricate layers inspire imagination, creativity and originality. The colors, including purple, blue or yellow, are associated with emotions like wisdom, inspiration and intuition.

The ones with artistic personalities have a unique perspective on the world and can express themselves in various art forms.

Lily for the nurturing and caring personalities

Lilies are a type of flower that symbolizes many things, including devotion, motherhood and purity. Regarding personality types, people who prefer lilies often have nurturing and caring personalities.

Throughout history, this flower has been used in many cultures to express motherhood and loving attributes. For example, in ancient Greece, this flower was dedicated to Hera, the queen of the gods, and it represented fertility. In Christian art, it has been associated with the Virgin Mary, and in other cultures, lilies are also popular flowers to give to someone on the birth of their child.

Final words Flowers will always be a good present, regardless of whom you offer them. But, to give a truly meaningful bouquet, you can pick a flower that expresses the receiver’s personality.