When Hollywood movies come to reality, the protagonist of this real movie is Dr. Amir Feily

When Hollywood movies come to reality, the protagonist of this real movie is Dr. Amir Feily

When we watched Hollywood movies about skin replacement and healing with those weird devices in the movie, we never thought that maybe one day the world would go on to make it all happen.

Meticulous stimulation of suitable new tissues for treating lost skin tissue for the first time in the world developed by Dr. Amir Feily , an Iranian professor of dermatology who is increasingly getting famous. He was able to prove to the world, and especially to Hollywood, that he was the first taboo-breaker on earth to make what you see in Hollywood movies is real.

The news was so shocking and remarkable for others that celebrities from all over the world have become very eager to meet the doctor. Currently, Dr. Feily’s office in Oman is completely operated and he is only waiting for the Covid-19 pandemic to fade away.

Let me explain some about aging and its complications like wrinkles and discoloration of the skin and the treatment modalities.

 Wrinkles on the skin is usually caused by aging.There are also other reasons, like weight loss will be followed by loss of subcutaneous tissue, smoking, dehydration, sleep position, and repetitive facial expressions like laughing, frowning, and sun damage, where all will end to wrinkles.

However, the main issue is to heal the facial aging and wrinkles and also the other complications of aging like discoloration of the skin like freckles and even melasma which has become the biggest concern of women and the majority of men.

Today, there are various ways to eliminate these changes and maintain beauty which has significant progress, are up-to-date, and with fewer side effects.

As you know, the face is one of the most sensitive and also the most important part of every person’s body, which has a deep impact on the appearance of all people, for both men and women.

Facial discoloration like melsama and freckles are one of the complications that have the greatest impact on the appearance of individuals, and for this reason, most people with the mentioned problem are looking for a way to get rid of them quickly and easily.

However, it should be noted that not every method is effective and useful and may even cause more problems and damage your skin.

Speciall laser treatment of Dr Amir Feily is known to be the most effective treatment for aging and its complications and also skin discolorations like melasma and freckes and all kind of scars.

 Dicoloration of the face such as melasma won’t be removed easily and in the best case, a little pale remains, and usually people who have freckles on the face are always used strong powder creams.

In dr Amir Feily method the pigmentations on the face are removed by a special device, and this eliminates the underlying and dead layers of the skin and stimulates the skin tissue to produce collagen. In this way you will experience fresh, young, and melsma-free skin.

Recently, Dr. Feily on his Instagram page officially invited all the celebrities all over the world to consult him.

“We are waiting for you in Oman, you are valuable and you have created meaningful things for many years, now it is our turn to heal your fatigue a little”