Why are people so mad about poker?

Why are people so mad about poker?

Behaviours can be influenced by social norms, attitudes, personal emotions, power, ethics, moral values, and many other factors. Not every poker player has the same level of motivation, consistency, attitudes, and determination. Every individual possesses various unique qualities and skills which he can use for good and bad purposes. Many people opt short cuts for success, but in the poker industry, there is no such black street that can make you famous overnight. 

Still, people are so mad at playing poker for several reasons. Although money is one of the key influencers in choosing poker as your primary stream of income, this is not the only source of motivation for the poker players. What are those strands that encourage poker players to stick on to the screen for hours without taking a break for private things? Let’s find out the key reasons why these poker players are passionate about playing togel Singapore and what they’re getting in returns. 

Key Factors: Why are people mad about playing poker?

Even though the poker industry has evolved in recent years, ’ things are changing at a rapid pace. This evolution gives the power to an individual to play poker at your comfort. It also eliminates the threats of playing casinos. Interesting! Here are some points that many professional poker players have in common. 

  • You get rich with fewer efforts
  • Luck favours the braves
  • Overnight fame
  • Glamour and charm of the industry
  • Every day new challenge
  • Unique job for a living
  • Emotional strength
  • Healthy competition
  • No office politics
  • No threats from the boss
  • Learning from great minded people
  • Adds maturity to the personality
  • Gives a bigger perspective of the situation
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Adventures
  • Feel of an entrepreneur

Is it worth it?

The next question that comes into our minds is that does it worth it of our precious time? The time which we’ll never get back, shall we invest it in playing online poker games? Well, there is no straightforward answer to these questions as to whether these games are paying enough or what if you didn’t succeed. But one thing is clear that poker players around the world are earning their livings by playing online poker games. They’ve no second choice and come to this field with burned boats behind. However, it’s not compulsion to stick with this progression for your whole life, and many examples are there when people make a handsome amount they quit and invest those earnings into stocks or businesses. 


There is only one thing common in all the online poker players is that they spend 7-10 hours in front of their PC’s screens. They’re not addicted to games, but to the glamour and charm, emotional strengths, and overnight fame which they get by playing online poker games. We may not know all the influencing factors but based on their behaviours; we can divide them into the mentioned categories.