Why Choose the Outstaffing Model of Cooperation?

Why Choose the Outstaffing Model of Cooperation

You’ve definitely heard about outstaffing. Lots of companies from big to small are using this cooperation model to create, update, or improve their software.

It has a number of benefits that make outstaffing more cost-effective and accessible in some cases. And in this article we’ll figure out why business leaders and small business owners choose outstaffing and what it can do for your company specifically.

What is Outstaffing?

First of all, let’s figure out what outstaffing is and how it works. Basically, you can understand it from the term itself. Outstaffing means that you hire staff from the “outside”, a separate vendor who provides you with the high-qualified workforce.

Those specialists still work from their office and sometimes even in the same team, but they are doing tasks for your business and following your requirements. So, simply put, the outstaffing model lets you “rent” developers, QA, designers, or other specialists you need.

But why do some companies prefer this model to outsourcing, or even building their own development team? The answer is in the benefits and comfort that this model may bring. Let’s take a closer look at them.

What do you get from Outstaffing?

Mostly, this model attracts startups and small companies, but middle-sized enterprises and even corporations sometimes use it as well.

1.     Outstaffing is Cost-Effective.

Since most of the developers and other IT specialists have hourly rates, control over their working hours can help with budgeting. Outstaffing allows you to control how much a developer works on your project and when you want them to stop. They are not inclined to finish the whole software, you may hire them for one feature or implementation of third-party services.

You also get to control how many experts work on your project, which also proves to be extremely cost-effective since you can expand your team or make it smaller when you need to.

And, by outstaffing the development from off-shore countries like Ukraine you can cut your budget even more because their rates are usually lower than US developers’. RexSoft has offices in Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus, which means you can choose the developers based on either of those countries.

2.     Quick Start.

Compared to the creation of your own development team, outstaffing works much quicker. You hire people who already know about your project and share the same view on it as you do. There is no need to warm up, a company you work with can find you a team or one specialist that will suit your project perfectly.

We at RexSoft ensure that our development experts and customers are always on the same page.

3.     Laws Compliance.

If you decide to work with RexSoft, this will be one of many benefits you’ll receive.

Outstaffing is a legal way to make your development process less expensive. You’re still cooperating with people at lower rates and can build the workflow as you want, but the whole process complies with US laws.

RexSoft is based in the US, so we’re licensed and every contract you sign is valid.

Outstaffing at RexSoft: how does it work?

First of all, outstaffing at RexSoft gives you an opportunity to choose different experts with different knowledge according to your company’s needs. We have ReactNative, PHP, JavaScript, Flutter, Unity, and other high-qualified developers.

The process of outstaffing at RexSoft has the following steps:

1.     Team Selection.

You tell us about your business and we find you the developers who would be a perfect fit. This way, you get the dream team selected for your company’s needs specifically.

2.     Interview.

You get in touch with the specialists who will be working for you. It allows you to give them a brief about your project and ensure that you get to know each other perfectly.

3.     Agreement.

RexSoft creates an agreement for outstaffing that you’ll have to sign. You’ll know all the details beforehand and the contract is signed after both parties agree on the terms.

4.     The start of the development.

It’ll be quick and easy, the development team of your choosing will start working on your project to deliver excellence with every line of code.

So, outstaffing is basically a cheat code to the development process. It allows you to have full control over everything, from the number of people working on your project to the number of hours they spend.

And, despite the full control, it isn’t your on-board development team so you don’t have to take all the responsibility for their work. They have their own management and their own office, and all they need from you are the requirements and deadlines.

Outstaffing is a cost-effective and quality solution that may help you customize the development process as you please. So, if you’re ready to launch the development of your unique and interesting idea, we will be waiting for you to contact RexSoft.